8. Elmer Ellsworth GILES was born on 17 Jun 1867 in Suffolk City (or Sauk City?), Sauk Co., WI. He died on 28 Feb 1947 in Omaha or Fremont, NE. One source lists death date as "28 Feb 1949." Lived in Fremont. He was a common laborer and worked on various odd jobs. He is reported to be a fast runner. He worked as a sheep herder at one time. For several years, he rented a vacant lot and grew horseradish. It was prepared, bottled and labeled "Giles Horseradish." He sold this popular product at local restaurants. One summer the grandsons, Bob and Dick, helped him plant and cultivate this. They sold it door-to-door in Omaha. During his later years his son Floyd bought Elmer a 1921 Ford Model T coupe of which he was very proud. He was not a particularly careful driver. At one time he had a girlfriend living 25 miles away in Wahoo, Nebr. Floyd was concerned about him driving the highway at his age and convinced him to sell the car. Floyd later learned that Elmer continued to ride a bicycle to Wahoo. Elmer was in his eighties. His religion was listed as "Christian."
He was married to Grace Adell RANDALL on 29 Nov 1888 in ____________, __.

9. Grace Adell RANDALL (2) was born on 16 Jun 1870 in Lone Rock, WI. She died on 20 Jan 1906 in Fremont, NE. She was buried in Fremont, NE. She had two children, Eva and older sister to Floyd. In 1906 in her 30's, Grace had appendicitis, and needed surgery. She had a cousin who had just graduated from medical school who was asked to perform the operation. Elmer told him if anything else needed to be removed to go ahead while she was sedated. So, he removed her tonsils. She never recovered. Her religion was listed as "Christian."
Children were:

child i. Eva ____________ GILES was born __ ___ ____ in Fremont, NE?. She died __ ___ ____ in Garden Grove, CA. She married Ed Tompsen who was a pharmacist, owned a drug store and lived in Long Beach, CA; they had one son, Melvin.
child4 ii. Floyd Randall GILES.

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