1908. Thomas2 BURGE(SS) (957) was born about 1627 in England. He died about 1687 in Newport, RI. IMMIGRANT - "... he appears on the list dated August, 1643, containing 'The Names of all the Males that are able to beare Armes from xvj. Yeares old to 60 Yeares.' He was constable for the town in 1654 and subscribed to repair the meeting-house and support the minister in 1657. Thomas2 had married 8 Nov 1648 Elizabeth Bassett, daughter of William Bassett, a Leyden Separatist, who had come on the Fortune in 1621. ... it is apparent from the actions brought against Thomas2 that he did not approve of the official intolerance and persecution of those who held differing religious viewpoints. And in this he joined many others in both Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies. ... By 1661 Thomas2 and Elizabeth had been married almost thirteen years. No children had been born to them. Then Thomas2 was brought to court for 'an act of uncleanness with Lydia Gaunt' (Stratton, p. 243) and a divorce was granted 10 June 1661, with Elizabeth to have one part in three of his estate, goods and chattels (Austin, p. 52). It is interesting that neither reference tells the whole story, and in fact much more must have been brought out at the hearing that was not included in the court records. Demos, p. 97, points out that there was no move to prosecute or punish Thomas2. ... This was the first divorce in Plymouth Colony (Plymouth Colony Records, III, p. 221). Thomas2 married Lydia and moved to Newport, RI, later in 1661. He became a Freeman and was on Grand Juries in 1667 and 1687. Austin says he died sometime after that last year and that Lydia died around 1684, the last time she is mentioned in the records, she and Thomas2 having sold land in Little Compton." (Bonnie Hubbard)

He was married to Lidia GAUNT.

1909. Lidia GAUNT(81) died in 1684 in Newport, RI. Children were:

child954 i. Thomas3 BURGESS.

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