3816. Thomas BURGE(SS) (1095)(386) was born in 1603 in England. He died on 13 Feb 1685 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. IMMIGRANT - "of Sandwich, MA." "The first of the Burgesses in the new world was Thomas, who came to Salem with his wife Dorothy around 1630. The name was variously spelled in the early records, often being just the first syllable. They lived for a while in Lynn and then moved to Sandwich in 1637, where Savage says 'he was of the chief men.' He was an original member of the church established there in 1638. Over the years he served the town in many offices from road-surveyor to deputy or representative to the Court at Plymouth. He died 13 Feb 1685 at age 82, so was born about 1603. (Bonnie Grant)
"He resided in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts 1637. ... He was one of the founders of Sandwich, Mass." (Susan Thompson) He was married to Dorothy ?.

3817. Dorothy ? (81) was born in 1603 in England. She died on 27 Feb 1687. IMMIGRANT Children were:

child1908 i. Thomas2 BURGE(SS).

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