926. Thomas (2) HOWES (741) died in Nov 1676. He was buried on 29 Nov 1676. He was born in England. IMMIGRANT - "like others of his family, served a number of terms as selectman and deputy to the General Court at Plymouth, as constable and member of various committees. Hawes also notes his rise through the ranks of the military company, culminating in his appointment as captain 3 June 1674. He served in the 3d expedition in King Philip's war with eight one month's men (his wages were £6) and in the 5th expedition with 21 men. His will, dated 15 Jan 1675-76, states: 'Being Called and Desired to Goe forth to warr in the prsent expedition; against the Indians Called Narragansetts; and forasmuch as such a servis exposeth prsons to Danger of life I doe therfore make and Declare my last will.' (Hawes, p. 16) He was buried 20 Nov 1676. I don't know if Thomas(2) died as a result of the war, but it seems possible. He would have been around 40 years old." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Sarah BANGS in 1656.

927. Sarah BANGS(81) was born about 1638. She died in Feb 1682/83.(81) "she died 'the last of February, 1682-3.'" (Bonnie Hubbard) "The will, dated 26 Feb 1682-3, of Thomas(2)'s widow, Sarah, mentions that her youngest daughter Sarah, born 29 Oct 1673, was to reside with her sister Rebecca and to have 20s. to be improved 'for her more perfecting in reading.' From this I would assume that Rebecca was married, as she certainly wouldn't be living alone and if she were a spinster living with another family surely that family would be named." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Children were:

child463 i. Rebecca HOWES.

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