1900. Rev. John SMITH (753) (81) died on 2 Oct 1710 in (probably) Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA. He was born 1614 ?? in ?Brinspettell, near Dorchester, England?. (952) Bonnie Hubbard points out that information given in the "Smith Issue," American Genealogist (61:1) indicates that birth and parent information given by F. Freeman in his 1869 "History of Cape Cod" is incorrect. Bonnie states that, "Our John Smith was not the son of a Thomas Smith in Dorsetshire. Apparently Freeman's notes got mixed up and the Dorset information pertained to another man. So the origin and dates of birth and immigration of John Smith are still unknown. The rest of the information appears to be correct."
He was buried in Old Town Cemetery, Sandwich, MA. (953) "... under a large tablestone, but the inscribed inset plate was lost before an 1875 survey of the cemetery. 'It has been said that Smith was acceptable because he had never persecuted Quakers.'" (Bonnie Hubbard)
IMMIGRANT - Immigrated to America from England in 1630.
History of Martha's Vineyard by Charles Edward Banks. Rev. John Smith, the ancestor of the second Smith line on the Vineyard was a resident of Barnstable before 1643, adm. chh. October 6, 1644; freeman June 5, 1651; served as Deputy to the General Court; app. to attend meetings of the Quakers and hear their defence and reported in their favor. Withdrew from the communion of the church for conscientious reasons was "declared noe member for that reason only" but restored later; preached occasionally at Barnstable. In September 1661, he led in organizing a church which a council refused to approve. Accepted call to be pastor at Sandwich and served there 1673-89. He married June 13, 1643, Susanna Hinckley, daughter of Samuel and sister of Gov. Thomas Hinckley of Plymouth Colony... His name was added as a freeman to the Sandwich list in 1676. From this latter circumstance it may be inferred that this was the period when the pastorate of the Rev. John Smith commenced; although some circumstances have led to the supposition that he may have officiated here earlier. In a letter from a later minister it is written: They never could attain a settlement of the ministry among them till about the year 1675, in which intervening time they had occasional preachers; . . .
About the year 1675, John Smith was called and ordained their pastor... John Smith and some of his followers seceded from the Barnstable church, forming themselves into a separate and distinct church. ... Mr. Smith was finally located at Sandwich. ... Called of the "Church of the Puritans" he asked for a repeal of the "Law against Quakers" in 1659. In 1657 he obtained official permit to frequent Quaker meetings. Where he acquired ministerial training does not appear. ... settled at Woodbridge about 1670, receiving a grant of 512 acres there. In the "Association Agreement" he is called "John Smith of Barnstaple" In New Jersey he was not a "pastor." In the records he always appears as "mill-wright" or "meal-man" At one time he was proprietor of "Auchter Kull" now Perth Amboy. He was the leading man of Woodbridge, if comparisons are justified. He aided in building the church and supporting the minister; was constable in 1669; Member of New Jersey Assembly; Town Clerk; Moderator, 1671; Assistant, 1670-1; Assistant, 1670-1; again Member of New Jersey Assembly; 1671-72, Justice. However the old association of Barnstable evidently called him, for he returned and in 1675 he was there again and made pastor of the church of Sandwich. In 1688, at his own request his pastorate terminated, being then aged 74. In the church records appears an entry, "Mr John Smith died 2d October, 171-" (last figure obliterated but probably 1710) I.e., aged 96. The proof that Rev. John Smith of Barnstable and Sandwich and John Smith of Woodbridge were one and the same lies in a deed of exchange dated 26th Feb. 1677, of his property in Woodbridge for other, with Nathaniel Fitz Randolph of Barnstable, and in the deed he is called both "John Smith of Sandwich" and "John Smith, Milwright" In 1642, he was betrothed to Susanna Hinckley, daughter of Samuel Hinckley, baptized at Tenterden, County of Kent, England 6th Nov. 1625, and wife Sarah ______. her uncle was Thomas Hinckley, afterwards Governor of Plymouth Colony. they were married 13th June, 1643 and had 13 children. (McKay)
He was married to Susanna HINCKLEY on 13 Jun 1643 in Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA.

1901. Susanna HINCKLEY (753) (81) was born about Nov 1625 in Tenterden, Kent, England. She died after 1667 in NJ ?. IMMIGRANT - Immigrated to Massachusetts from England aboard the "Hercules" in 1635. Sister of Gov. Thomas Hinckley of Plymouth Colony. (McKay)
"... her last child was born 6 Dec 1667. She might very well have died in New Jersey." (Hubbard)
Children were:

child i. Samuel SMITH(753).
child ii. Sarah SMITH(753).
child iii. Ebenezer SMITH(753).
child iv. Mary SMITH(753).
child v. Dorcas SMITH(753).
child vi. John SMITH(753).
child vii. Shubael SMITH(753).
child viii. John SMITH(753).
child950 ix. Benjamin SMITH.
child x. Ichabod SMITH(753).
child xi. Elizabeth SMITH(753).
child xii. Thomas SMITH(753).
child xiii. Joseph SMITH(753).

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