3802. Samuel HINCKLEY (753)(1090) was born before 6 Nov 1625 in Tenterden, Kent, England. He was baptised on 6 Nov 1625 in Tenterden, Kent, England. He died on 31 Oct 1662 in Barnstable?, Cape Cod, MA. IMMIGRANT - (1634/5 aboard the Hercules with the Hatch family) Granted land in Falmouth in 1659 which was apparently not claimed because it was granted to others in 1661. His name was added after the fact to the second list. (McKay)
"Samuel had to commit perjury in order to leave England, swearing that he 'conformed to the order and discipline of the Church of England' (Otis, p. 30; Stratton, p. 304). Those who would not take this oath 'suffered two years imprisonment in the vile dungeons of the city of London. Mr. Hinckley thought it politic to outwardly conform, and most persons, under the same circumstances, would have done the same...' Immediately after they arrived in Boston the Hinckleys and Hatches went to Scituate and built houses on Kent Street, the Hinckleys at No. 19, according to Mr. Lathrop, and the Hatches at No. 17. ... There is no record of Samuel's church membership, but he became a freeman 2 Jan 1637/8 and on the same day was a trial juror; he was a grandjuror the following year. On 4 Dec 1638 he was among several men of Scituate who were 'presented' [before the court] for receiving strangers (Quakers) into their houses without license from the government (Stratton, p. 304). ... In July 1640 Samuel sold his house and lands and moved to Barnstable with the Rev. Lothrop and others. Samuel held the position of highway surveyor for Barnstable many times. ... Sarah died 18 Aug 1656, and Samuel married Bridget, widow of Robert Bodfish, 15 Dec 1657. Samuel died 31 Oct 1662. Neither he nor Sarah would know that their oldest child, Thomas, would be the last governor of Plymouth Colony." (Bonnie Hubbard)

He was married to Sarah (UNKNOWN) in England.

3803. Sarah (UNKNOWN)(753) (1091) died on 18 Aug 1656 in Barnstable?, Cape Cod, MA. IMMIGRANT - (1634/5 aboard the Hercules with the Hatch family) - Joined the church at Scituate 8/30/1635. (McKay)
"Sarah joined Mr. Lothrop's chruch on 30 Aug 1635, her name recorded as 'Goody Hinckley'. Sarah must have been pregnant on the voyage, as daughter Eliazbeth, said to have been born in Scituate, was baptized 6 Sept 1635. ... (she) had eleven children, but several died in infancy." (Bonnie Hubbard)

Children were:

child i. Thomas HINCKLEY(753).
child1901 ii. Susanna HINCKLEY.
child iii. Mary HINCKLEY(753).
child iv. Sarah HINCKLEY(753).
child v. Elizabeth HINCKLEY(753).
child vi. Samuel (1) HINCKLEY(753).
child vii. Samuel (2) HINCKLEY(753).
child viii. (daughter) HINCKLEY(753).
child ix. Samuel (3) HINCKLEY(753).
child x. John HINCKLEY(753).
child xi. (child 1) HINCKLEY(753).
child xii. (child 2) HINCKLEY(753).

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