15218. Edward BARTER (755) (756)(753) was born about 1526 in Favent, Wiltshire, England. McCoy data gives birth place as Fydleton, Haxton, Wiltshire, England; Conover's data as Favent. He died on 6 Oct 1574 in Favent, Wiltshire, England. McKay data gives place of death as Haxton, Wiltshire, England; Conover gives Favent; McCoy gives Fydleton, Haxton Wiltshire, England Will dated 6 Oct 1574. Banks, History of Martha's Vineyard, v.3 (McCoy)
"of Haxton, Wilts." (Hubbard) He was married to Edith (UNKNOWN).

15219. Edith (UNKNOWN) (755)(756) (753)(81) was born about 1530 in England. She died about 9 Aug 1576 in Fydleton, Haxton, Wiltshire, England. (755)(753) McCay has place of death as Haxton; Conover has it as Fovent, Wiltshire, England. Her will dated Aug. 9, 1576 mentions among others her daughter Alice to whom she gave "halfe and aker of wheat and half an aker of barley my best cowlett, my white pety coat, my kercher, my canvas apron a platter and porringer" (McCoy)

Children were:

child i. William BARTER(756) (753).
child ii. Joan BARTER(756) (753).
child7609 iii. Alice BARTER.
child iv. Christian BARTER(756) (753).
child v. Edward BARTER(756) (753).
child vi. Elllyn BARTER(756) (753).
child vii. Harry BARTER(756) (753).
child viii. John BARTER(756) (753).

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