30436. James BARTER (755)(756) (753) was born about 1500 in Fovent, Wiltshire, England. He died on 1 Sep 1565 in Fovent, Wiltshire, England. Banks, History of Martha's Vineyard, v.3. Will dated 1 Sep 1565 - Fovent. (McCoy) He was married to Margaret (UNKNOWN).

30437. Margaret (UNKNOWN) (755)(756) (753) was born about 1504 in England. (755)(756) McCoy has birth year of 1504; Conover has birth year of 1506. Children were:

child15218 i. Edward BARTER.
child ii. Roger BARTER(756) (753).
child iii. Thomas BARTER(756) (753).
child iv. Christian BARTER(756) (753).

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