7608. Mathew MAYHEW (755)(756) (753) (1161) was born about 1550 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England. He died on 26 Feb 1612/13 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England. Occupation: Yeoman. (McCoy) Will of Mathewe Maihewe deposited at Somerset House Principal Registry of Probate (Wiltshire), Archdeaconry of Sarum, VIII, 224. Will dated 31 Aug 1612, proved 27 Jun 1614. (McKay)
""described in his will as a `yeoman' by which term is meant to be conveyed, legally speaking, a freeholder next under the rank of `gentleman'; for being descended from the line of a third son of an established family he had not the quality that then attached to the eldest branch. Nevertheless he was a man of substance and left to his heirs an estate valued at about $7000 in cash, besides his real property, as estimated by our present standards." (Banks, v.III, as quoted by Hubbard)

He was married to Alice BARTER on 2 Oct 1587 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England.

7609. Alice BARTER (755)(753) was born before 1570 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England. (755)(753) McKay has birth year of "bef 1570." Conover has "02 OCT 1540" which is very possibly an error. If birth years of parents herein given are correct, her mother was 10 years old at Alice's birth in 1540 and her father was 14. Also Alice would have been about 52 or 53 when Thomas, the 3rd of 7 children, was born. She died in 1614 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England. Banks said he could not with complete satisfaction designate beyond doubt the particular branch of the Barters of Wiltshire to which Alice belonged but the pedigree I have entered he felt was her probable parentage. The will of James Barter of Fovent, Wilts, is dated Sept. 1, 1565, and in it he mentions among others his eldest son Edward and his daughter (in law) Edith, wife of Edward (Arch Sarum, P.C.C. IV, 210) The will of Edward Barter, his son, of Haxton, Wilts, of the parish of Fydleton, is dated Oct. 6, 1574, and mentions among others, his wife Edith and his daughter Alice. (Arch. Sarum, P.C.C. V, 231) The will of Edith Barter, widow, of the same parish, is dated Aug. 9, 1576, and mentions among others her daughter Alice to whom she gave "halfe an aker of wheat and half an aker of barley my best cowlett, my white pety coat, my kercher, my canvas apron a platter and porringer" (Arch. Sarum, P.C. C., V. 273) This was the only Alice Banks found in his searches of Wiltshire wills, and as the name of Edward was bestowed on the third son of Matthew and Alice, presumably in honor of her father, as Thomas had been given in memory of his father, this origin of Alice Barter, the mother of Thomas Mayhew, is offered as the probable solution of the question of her ancestry. (McKay) Children were:

child i. Elizabeth MAYHEW(756) (753).
child ii. John MAYHEW(756) (753).
child3804 iii. Gov. Thomas MAYHEW.
child iv. Joan or Jone MAYHEW(756) (753).
child v. Alice MAYHEW(756) (753).
child vi. Katherine MAYHEW(756) (753).
child vii. Edward MAYHEW(756) (753).

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