52. Henry ROSS (289) (photo) was born on 1 Jan 1788 in PA. He died in 1860 in (prob.) Marion Co., VA. Believed to have owned and operated a water powered saw mill and grist mill combination at Rossville just east of Fairmont, WV.
(PHOTO - Prickett Creek and site of mill owned by Henry Ross.) He was married to Catherine BURRIS.

53. Catherine BURRIS (photo) was born on 25 Apr 1786 in WV. She died in 1859 in (prob.) Marion Co., VA. (PHOTO- Gravestone of Catherine and husband. Graves are in the back yard of a private home - descendant of Zackquill Morgan. Small stone marks grave of their 2 yr. old son who drowned in the nearby Prickett's Creek.) Children were:

child26 i. James W. ROSS.
child ii. Elijah Burris ROSS was born on 22 Oct 1810.
child iii. Charles Burris ROSS was born on 11 Jan 1813.
child iv. Andrew Burris ROSS was born on 9 May 1815.
child v. Matilda ROSS was born on 6 Jun 1818.
child vi. John Burris ROSS was born on 11 Dec 1820.
child vii. Henry M. ROSS was born on 16 Sep 1823.
child viii. Stephen M. ROSS was born on 13 Jun 1829.
child ix. Z. D. (Uncle D) ROSS was born on 19 Jul 1829. (possible error as brother Stephen reportedly was born in Jun 1829)

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