104. James ROSS(355) (356) was born in 1734. "... served in the Revolutionary War" "...James ... as well as his son served 1778-83 as rangers on the frontier of Washington Company Pennsylvania along with his son."
"... served in the Revolutionary Army, but never returned. He either died or was taken prisoner. (no record) His widow later married a Mr. Starks of Fairfield County."
"The Ross branch of the family came from Scotland and settled in Virginia and later moved to West Virginia. Just what date they came I do not know and may never know... No doubt it was during Colonial times that the family migrated to America. For the most part the family were farmers and in the southern and border states were slave owners. James Ross, however, was not a slave owner and was a strong abolitionist." Some family lore suggests that this Ross line is related to the famed Betsy Ross. Currently no connection has been found between our family line and that of Elizabeth "Betsy" GRISCOM (Ross) or her husband John ROSS. Apparently Betsy and John had no children so this Ross line could not be directly descendant from Betsy as some of the family lore indicated. He was married to Rachel COLLINS.

105. Rachel COLLINS was born in Ireland. Children were:

child52 i. Henry ROSS.

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