896. Elder Thomas CUSHMAN (695) (696)(697) (193) was born before 8 Feb 1607/8 in Canterbury, Kent, England. He was baptised on 8 Feb 1607/8 in Canterbury, Kent, England. [Parish of St. Andrew.] He died about 10 Dec 1691 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. (698) ["d. Plymouth 10 or 11 Dec. 1691 'near the end of the 84th year of his life.'" (Allerton, p. 4)] He was buried in Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, MA.(699) [Inscription on burial stone: "Here lyeth buried ye body of that precious servant of God, Mr. Thomas Cushman, who after he had served his generation according to the will of God, and particularly the church of Plymouth for many years in the office of a Ruling Elder, fell asleep in Jesus, Decmr. Ye 10. 1691 & ye 84 year of his age."] IMMIGRANT - 1621 "FORTUNE PASSENGER" -- Taken by father to Leiden, Holland, shortly after babtizim; age 10 sailed to Southampton, England, with stepmother on the Speedwell; sailed on Speedwell (with Mayflower), 1620, for New World, with father (stepmother?), but abandoned voyage when vessel put back 3rd time; arrived at Plymouth, MA, on the Fortune in 1621; father returned to England leaving Thomas as ward of Governor Bradford.
"He settled in that part of Plymouth now Kingston, and in 1635 was on the Jury. He was appointed successor to Elder Brewster in 1649, continuing in the office until his death, Dec. 11, 1691. More than 43 years. ... He for several years was assistant to the Governor, and went to London five times in the interest of the Colony. He spent the latter part of his life in New Haven, where he died..." (Burt p. 76)
He was married to Mary ALLERTON about 1636 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.

897. Mary ALLERTON (700)(701) (702)(576) (703) (photo) was baptised in Jun 1616 in Leyden, Holland. She was born about Jun 1616 in Leyden, Holland. She died on 28 Nov 1699 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. She was buried in Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Plymouth, MA.(704) "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- Mary was abt 4 yrs old when she sailed on the Mayflower with her parents and 2 sibs. One source (Saints..., p. 121-2) states that Mary was age 2 when she sailed on the Speedwell with her family from Holland to England.
Was 46 years old when she had her last child, Lydia.
"The last survivor of those who came on the 'Mayflower.'" (Allerton, p. 4)
Children were:

child448 i. Thomas CUSHMAN II.
child ii. Mary CUSHMAN(705) (706)(193) was born between 1638 and 1640 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.(707) (708) (193) "First 7 Gen." book lists Mary as first born, "Born about 1635 at Plymouth, Mass."; this would place her birth prior to her parents' marriage. The most current authoritative source, the "Isaac Allerton Family Booklet," lists Mary as second born with no date of birth given (assumed between first born date of ca. Sep 1637 and third born date of ca. 1641); Cushman Family Group Sheets gives birth year as 1659. She died before 22 Oct 1690. Married either Francis or Edward Hutchinson of Lynn, Mass, which was his second of three marriages. Mary had 3 children by Hutchinson.
child iii. Sarah CUSHMAN(192) (709)(193) was born about 1641 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. She died after 7 Nov 1695. Judy Goldbaum's data has a marriage date of 11 Apr 1661 with spouses of Daniel Hutchings and John Hawks. Isaac Allerton booklet indicates she m. (1) John Hawkes at Lynn, MA, on 11 Apr 1661; m. (2) Daniel Hutchins at Lynn, MA, on 7 Nov 1695. She and Hawkes had 8 children.
child iv. Rev. Isaac CUSHMAN(710) (711)(193) was born on 8 Feb 1648/49 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.(193) He died on 21 Oct 1732 in Plympton, Plymouth Co., MA. (712) "in the 84th year of his age and in the 37th year of his ministry." Known as "Rev. Isaac," "He was a member of the Church at Plymouth, and obtained a better education than most men of that day... At the death of his father in 1691 he was chosen Ruling Elder. He was called to the pastorate of the Church in Middleboro, and of the new church established in Plympton... He was more liberal in religious matters than his contemporaries, and secured the adoption of new articles of faith, which have remained to the present day, with little change as the creed of the Congrational Church." Burt, p. 77) He m. Rebecca Harlow abt. 1675; they had 7 children.
child v. Deacon Elkanah CUSHMAN(713) (714)(715) (193) was born on 1 Jun 1651 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 4 Sep 1727 in Plympton, Plymouth Co., MA. He m. (1) Elizabeth Cole 10 Feb 1677 at Plymouth, MA; m. (2) Martha Cooke 16 Mar 1659 at Plymouth, MA.
Part of our family lore included reference to the famous 19th century actress, Charlotte Saunders CUSHMAN. This verbal history included the implication that this famous person was closely related. However research indicates that such is not the case. She descended from this Elkanah as the following Mayflower lineage indicates:

Isaac ALLERTON (the "Mayflower") and his wife Mary NORRIS (the "Mayflower")
their daughter Mary ALLERTON (the "Mayflower") and Thomas CUSHMAN (the "Fortune")
their 3rd born son Elkanah CUSHMAN (b 1 Jun 1651) and his 1st wife Elizabeth COLE
their son Elkanah CUSHMAN (b 15 Sep 1678) and his wife Hester BARNES
their son Elkanah CUSHMAN (b 10 Jul 1706) and his wife Lydia BRADFORD
their son Elkanah CUSHMAN** (b 13 Nov 1741) and his wife Mary LOTHROP
their son Elkanah CUSHMAN (b 1 Jun 1769) and his 2nd wife Mary Eliza BABBIT
their daughter Charlotte S. CUSHMAN (b 23 Jul 1816, d 1876)
** one of the founders of the Old Colony Club and referred to as "Deacon Elkanah Cushman."
Our family line descends from Thomas CUSHMAN II, the first born of Mary ALLERTON and Thomas CUSHMAN.
Elkanah would be Keith Wheeler's sixth great granduncle, as well as Charlotte's third great grandfather, and therefore we are not closely related.

child vi. Fear CUSHMAN(716) (193) was born on 20 Jun 1653 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. She died before 22 Oct 1690.
child vii. Eleazar CUSHMAN(717) (193) was born on 20 Feb 1656/57 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He died after Nov 1733. He m. Elizabeth Coombs 12 Jan 1687/8 at Plymouth, MA; they had 8 children.
child viii. Lydia CUSHMAN(718) (193) was born about 1662 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. (193) [Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth in 1643.] She died on 11 Feb 1718/19 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. She m. William Harlow (Jr.) abt. Jan. 1682/3 prob. at Plymouth, MA; they had 9 children.

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