1794. Isaac ALLERTON (891)(892) (893)(894) (895) (photo) was born about 1586 in England. He died in Feb 1658/59 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT. (896) ["d. New Haven CT bet. 1 Feb 1658/9 (when he appeared in court) and 12 Feb. 1658/9 (date of inventory.)." (Allerton, p.1)] "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- Signed Mayflower Compact. "--- of London, tailor, 'the first Yankee trader' Probably one of Ancient Brethren, Amsterdam; citizen Leyden, 1614; asst. governor, Plymouth, 1621-c.1631; ... Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker and London business agent, 1627-c.1631 ... died insolvent." (Saints.. p. 437)
"A Leiden Separatist and 1620 Mayflower passenger, Allerton was second in authority only to Bradford in the early years of the colony. However, Bradford felt that Allerton had abused the trust the colonists placed in him (see text), and Allerton left the colony in the 1630s for other parts." (Plymouth Colony, p. 234)
After the death if his first wife, Mary Norris, he married Fear Brewster (b. about 1626) daughter of William and Mary Brewster of the "Mayflower." Isaac and Fear had two children, Sarah b. 1627 and Isaac b. between 1627 and 1630. Isaac married a third time (before 1644) to Joanna Swinnerton (they had no children of record).
He was married to Mary NORRIS on 4 Nov 1611 in Leyden, Holland.

1795. Mary NORRIS(897) (898)(899) (photo) died on 25 Feb 1620/21 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. She was born in of Newbury, Berkshire, England. "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- "A 1620 Mayflower passenger. ... On 22 December 1620, when the Mayflower was at anchor in Plymouth Harbor, she was delivered of a stillborn son." (Ply. Col., p 333)
"... died on Mayflower in Plymouth harbor several days after being delivered of still-born child at height of winter gale." (Saints... p. 438)
"Of Mrs. A. we know but little. She was probably from 35 to 40 years of age at her decease, and left four children. In Sargeant's painting of the Landing of the Pilgrims, she is represented as having a fine face, rather beautiful, and as being of a 'meek and quiet spirit.'" (Hist. & Biog. Genealogy of the Cushmans, p. 614)
Children were:

child i. Bartholomew ALLERTON(900) (photo) was born about 1612 in Leyden, Holland. He died about 1658/59 in Bramfield, Co. Suffolk, England. "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- He m. (1) Margaret ?; m. (2) Sarah Fairfax prob. at Rumbough Co., Suffolk, England; he had 4 children born in England.
child ii. Remember ALLERTON(901) (photo) was born about 1614 in Leyden, Holland. She died between 12 Sep 1652 and 22 Oct 1656.(902) died between bp. child and 2nd marriage "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- She m. Moses Maverick bef. 6 May 1635; they had 7 children.
child897 iii. Mary ALLERTON.
child iv. child ALLERTON(903) died bur 5 Feb 1620 in St. Peters, Leyden, Holland.
child v. stillborn son ALLERTON was stillborn on 22 Dec 1620 in Provincetown Harbour, America. (904)

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