448. Thomas CUSHMAN II (571)(572) (191) (81)(193) was born about Sep 1637 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 23 Aug 1726 in Plympton, Plymouth Co., MA.(573) ["d. Plympton 23 Aug. 1726 ae 89 wanting a month."] He was buried in Old Cemetery, Plympton, MA.(574) "They (Thomas & Ruth) had one son, Robert Cushman, who according to church records was born Oct. 4, 1664. For the observant reader, you will note that is about 6 weeks before his parents were married." (Ralph Cushman, p.3)
"On 7 March 1664/5 Thomas Cushman was fined for committing 'carnal coppulation' with his now wife before marriage, but after contract." "But the subject of this article did not suffer materially in his reputation by an error which he soon remedied by marriage and was, during a long life, a worthy member of the Congregational Church at Plympton, of which his brother was the Pastor. ... He lived on the west side of the highway that leads from Plympton meeting house to the north part of the town, and 'Colehester Brook' ran through his farm, which contained a large quantity of land."
His 2nd marriage was to Abigail (Titus) Fuller, 16 Oct 1679; they had 4 children: Job, Bartholomew, Samuel & Benjamin.
"On 21 May 1721 Thomas Cushman of Plimpton, yeoman, deeded to his son Benjamin the house and land where Benjamin was living. On the same day he deeded to son Samuel the land where Samuel was living. On 25 Dec. 1721 he deeded the land where he, Thomas, was living to sons Benjamin and Samuel."
"No Plymouth Co. PR for Thomas Cushman."

"Thomas's second wife was Abigail Fuller of Rehoboth, and they were members of the Congregational Church at Plympton. Plympton was divided from Plymouth in 1707 and Thomas's farm was then in the limits of the new town. His farm was large, with many buildings and with Colchester Brook running through it. It lay west of the highway going north from the Plympton meeting house. For many years Thomas had been a surveyor of highways for the town of Plymouth. Thomas died 23 Aug 1726 and was buried in the Centre Burying Ground at Plympton, 33 feet NE of the gate on the west side. The inscription on his grave stone reads:
AUGst Ye 23d
1726 IN
Ye 89th YEAR
(Bonnie Cushman Hubbard)
He was married to Ruth HOWLAND on 17 Nov 1664 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.

449. Ruth HOWLAND (193) was born about 1646 in Kingston, Plymouth Co., MA. (575)(576) (193) ["living 29 May 1672 (father's will)" (Allerton booklet); Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth abt 1642.]

She died between 1672 and 16 Oct 1679 in MA. (577) ["d. bef. 16 Oct. 1679 (2nd M.)"] Children were:

child224 i. Robert CUSHMAN.
child ii. Desire CUSHMAN(578) (193) was born about 1668 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. (193) [Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth as "abt 1672" but this would not fit with information given on her gravestone.] She died on 8 Feb 1762 in Barrington, RI. Gravestone inscription: "Mrs. Desire Kent, wife of Mr. Samuel Kent of Barrington was the first English woman's Grandaughter on New England. Died Feby 8 A.D. 1762 aged about 94 years."
child iii. Thomas CUSHMAN(579) (193) was born about 1670 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 9 Jan 1726/27 in Lebanon, CT. Married 25 Dec 1726 Sarah Strong (who died 25 Dec 1726 aged 52); Sarah was the daughter of Jed Strong.

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