898. John HOWLAND (576)(719) (720) (721)(193) (photo) was born about 1592 in Fenstanton, Huntingdon, England. He died on 23 Feb 1672/73 in Rocky Nook (now Kingston), Plymouth Co. , MA. (722)(192) [Saints & Strangers, p. 443, states: "died Swansea." Judy Goldbaum's data has death year of "1671/72 in Rock Nook, Kingston near Plymouth, MA."] "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- Signed Mayflower Compact. (about 28 years of age at time of voyage) "John Howland came on the Mayflower as a servant to John Carver. He is best remembered for having fallen off the Mayflower during a mighty storm, as recorded by Bradford: ...." (Gen. Sum.)
(Other source material from Gen. Sum.: E.P. White, John Howland of the Mayflower through Desire Howland for Five Genereations, vol. 1.; and Susan Roser, Mayflower Increasings and Decreasings, (2nd ed)) Bonnie Hubbard found material that reoirted "family legend says he was drunk." Her material also mentions that he "came from Fenstanton and had been baptized in the desecrated chapel of Ely Cathedral."
"John Howland (1592-1672) --- of London, 'a plaine-hearted Christian' Evidently inherited Carver's estate and immediately bought his freedom.... Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker, 1627-41; asst. governor, 1633-35, and probably 1629-32; in charge of Kennebec (ME) trading post at time of Hocking murder, 1634; apparently held somewhat to blame, for never again entrusted with public office..." (Saints..., p. 443)
"John came with the Pilgrims as Gov. John Carver's servant and since there is no record of his being in Leyden it is assumed he was engaged in London. ... Carver died in April 1621 and his wife soon after. They had no children and John Howland inherited the estate and bought his freedom (Smith, p. 152). ... (John) received a large tract along the Jones River at Rocky Nook (now Kingston) to which he moved about 1638. " (Bonnie Hubbard)

He was married to Elizabeth TILLEY about 1625 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. (81)(193) [One of the first marriages in the Plymouth Colony; Cushman Family Group Sheets has marriage date of 4 Aug 1623.]

899. Elizabeth TILLEY(723) (576)(724) (81) (photo) was born before 30 Aug 1607 in Henlow, Bedford, England. She was baptised on 30 Aug 1607 in Henlow, Bedford, England. She died on 21 Feb 1687/88 in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA. (725) Mayflower Increasings book had death date of 21 Dec 1687. "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" -- (about 14 years of age at time of voyage) "Elizabeth accompanied her parents on the 1620 Mayflower."
"Her will includes bequests of several books as well as household goods to her children and grandchildren. 'It is my will and charge to all my children that they walk in the fear of the Lord, and in love and peace towards each other.'" (Bonnie Hubbard)
Children were:

child i. Desire* HOWLAND(576) (726)(476) (193) was born about Feb 1625/26 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. (193) She died on 13 Oct 1683 in Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA. "COLLAPSED PEDIGREE" - SEE DESIRE** HOWLAND ELSEWHERE IN THIS MATERIAL FOR HER BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES AND INFORMATION ON HER HUSBAND, CAPT. JOHN GORMAN, THEIR DESCENDANTS AND HIS LINEAGE.
"She is said to have been named for Desire Minter, who came with the Carvers and returned to England about 1625. The two young women, each of whom had lost her "family" in the first winter, were very likely to have been friends." Bonnie Hubbard)
Desire married Capt. John Gorham about 1643 in Barnstable, MA; they had 11 children.
child ii. John HOWLAND(576) (727)(193) was born on 24 Apr 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. He died after 1699. Married Mary Lee, 26 Oct 1651, Plymouth, MA. They had 10 children.
child iii. Hope HOWLAND(576) (728)(193) was born on 30 Aug 1629 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA.(193) [Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth date as 20 Aug 1629.] She died on 8 Jan 1683/84 in Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA. Married John Chipman, c1647 or 1649. They had 12 children.
child iv. Elizabeth HOWLAND(576) (729)(193) was born about 1631 in (prob) Plymouth, MA. She died in 1691 in Oyster Bay, NY. Married 1st Ephraim Hicks, 13 Sep 1649, Plymouth, MA; married 2nd John Dickinson, 10 Jul 1651, Plymouth, MA. She had 9 children.
child v. Lydia HOWLAND(576) (730)(193) was born about 1633 in (poss.) Maine.(193) [Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth abt 1627 at Plymouth, MA.] She died after 11 Jan 1710/11. Married James Brown, c1654. They had 3 children.
child vi. Hannah HOWLAND(576) (731)(193) was born about 1637 in (poss.) Maine.(193) [Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth abt 1635 at Plymouth, MA.] Married Jonathan Bosworth, prob. 6 Jul 1661. They had 9 children.
child vii. Joseph HOWLAND(576) (732)(193) was born about 1640 in Kingston, Plymouth Co., MA.(733) (193) [Mayflower Increasings book has birth place of Plymouth, MA; Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth as abt 1637 and also at Plymouth.] He died in Jan 1703/4 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. Married Elizabeth Southworth, 7 Dec 1664, Plymouth, MA. They had 9 children.
child viii. Jabez HOWLAND(576) (734)(81) (193) was born about 1644 in Kingston, Plymouth Co., MA. (81)(193) [Bonnie Hubbard has his birth year as 1628; Cushman Family Group Sheets have birth abt 1633.] He died betw. 14 May 1708 - 21 Feb 1711/2 in Bristol, Hartford Co., CT. [Cushman Family Group Sheets have death on 7 Apr 1708.] Married Bethiah Thacher, c1668. They had 11 children. According to Bonnie Hubbard, Jabez bought the "Jabez Howland House" in 1667. This house is still standing today on Sandwich Street, Plymouth, MA.
The following is from The History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical, by the American Historical Society, Inc., 1920, pp. 22-24, as obtained from the Newport Chapter, RI Reading Room, on the Internet: "Jabez...was born in Plymouth, Mass., in 1628, and resided in that town during the early portion of his life, filling various civil offices. He served as a lieutenant under Captain Benjamin Church, in King Philip's War, and proved his bravery under a test made by Church, for that purpose. He was a blacksmith and: cooper by trade, and followed the occupation with great success in Bristol, where he settled after King Philip's War. His residence was on Hope street, where he kept a hotel. He was first town clerk of Bristol, and also served as an assessor, selectman and deputy to the General Assembly. Jabez Howland was active in the founding of the First Congregational Church of Bristol, and was one of the prominent and esteemed citizens of the town. His will, made July 14, 1708, was proved April 21, 1712, and disposed of an estate valued at six hundred pounds. He married Bethiah Thatcher, daughter of Anthony Thatcher."
child449 ix. Ruth HOWLAND.
child x. Isaac HOWLAND(576) (735)(193) was born on 15 Nov 1649 in Kingston, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 9 Mar 1723/24 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA. Married Elizabeth Vaughan, c1676, prob. Marshfield or Middleboro, MA. They had 8 children.

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