9698. Oluff Ellufsen BLIKRA (1173). He is mentioned in 1563 when he paid 1 dalar (old norwegian currency) in tax. He had two servant boys in that year, Laurits and Hoskel, which were paid 1 share (measurement of 14.6246 grams) silver each. Oluff was a juror in 1575. It is believed that it is this Oluff which was a subject of a "skifte" (an inheritance division) according to the Ohm court on13 April 1622. The his wife was called Birgitte, and they left behind the following land (portions of): Stokkedal, Bakkevold, Brommeland in Sand, Skaestad in Skåre, Egge in Skjold, Øsrem in Etne, and Nessem in Avaldsnes. He was married to Birgitte.

9699. Birgitte . Children were:

child i. Eluff Olsen BLIKRA(1174) died before 1622. He was born in Blikra, Vats, Rogaland, Norway. It is unclear as to where he lived but he is listed as an early farmer of Bruk A at Bakkevold. It is known that his daughter, Synnøve, lived at Bakkevold and was married to Endre Siversen Bakkevold who is listed as the Bruk A Bakkevold farmer after Eluff.
child ii. Torun Olsdt BLIKRA(1175) was born in Blikra, Vats, Rogaland, Norway. She was married to an Olav which was probably Olav Tørresen Skjervheim. They had two children: 1. a daughter married to Olav Torsteinsen Haug in Jelsa which was from Hallingstad in Vikedal. They had among others, daughters Birgitte and Torun; and 2. Torgils, who was probably the one at Brommeland in Sand in 1653 and in the 1660's.
child iii. Magille Olsdt BLIKRA(1176) was born in Blikra, Vats, Rogaland, Norway. She was married to a Lauits and they had two sons, one was probably Knut Stokkedal (listed as farmer nr. 1 on that farm) who was possibly married to Guri Gundersdt Blikra, who would have been his 1st cousin once removed (i.e., daughter of Gunder who was Oluff's brother).
child4849 iv. Marit Olsdt BLIKRA.

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