19396. Elluf (Narvesen) BLIKRA(1197) was born about 1490 in Blikra, Vats, Rogaland, Norway. He lived probably at the neighboring farm of Sørhus (Nr. 2, Bruk A) in 1521. He was then called "Eilløff po Sydderhuss." In 1519 he was at home in Blikra and paid 10 mark in tax. Maybe he also had the other farm then. He was married. Children were:

child9698 i. Oluff Ellufsen BLIKRA.
child ii. Gunder Ellufsen BLIKRA(1198) was born in 1540 in Blikra, Vats, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1618 in Blikra, Vats, Rogaland, Norway. He is listed as farmer Nr. 4 on Bruk A, Blikra. He was probably the sheriff in Vats in 1574 and he was juror in 1616. He was married two times; first with Dorte Torgielsdt Bjoland in Skjold and they had 4 children. Gunder was married the second time to Magille Andersdt and they had one son.

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