4848. Tosten BLOKKERAA/BLEGERØEDT (1138) (photo of bumerke for Tosten Blokkeraa) was born about 1568. He is mentioned in tax roll for 1603 and 1606. Before 1611 is he moving to Koltveit number. 6. In 1606 is he called Blegerøedt which must indicate the Blikra abandoned farm, and it could likely be the part which later was Bakkevold. In 1611 is Tosten moving to Koltveit and Siver is at Blegre. But in 1613 and 1616, Siver is called Bakkevold. It appears to indicate at that these two farms were used under one in the beginning, and afterwards Bakkevold became divided. In 1624 owned Tosten Årakebø, born 1568, 1/2 pund (a unit of measurement similar to an imperial pound) k. in Bakkevold. It must be same husband that lived at Årak in 1620-24, but is back at Bakkevold in 1626 as a juror and in 1628 as a witness in a legal matter (claim on Kalrag under Raunes/Stokka). Then he was 60 years of age. He lived at Koltveit from 1611 to 1618. The wife his was Marit Olsdt Blikra (3d).
He was married to Marit Olsdt BLIKRA.

4849. Marit Olsdt BLIKRA(1139). Children were:

child2424 i. Jacob Tostensen BAKKEVOLD/HUSTOFT.
child ii. Elluf Tostensen BAKKEVOLD(1140) . He is mentioned in 1625 and 1635.

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