1210. Holger Olson LINDANGER (841) was born in 1629 in Lindanger, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He died about 1703. Holger possibly lived both on Yrkje and Lindanger as he is listed as living at both of those farms in Tysvær bygdebok, vol. 4, p. 463. However there is an obvious error in this listing. The details about his life in the Lindanger chapter gives his birth as 1625 and his first marriage to "NN" with whom he had 5 children and his second marriage to Birgitte Villumsdtr Eikanes in Vats who, upon Holger's death, became his "young widow." It is said that Holger was a farmer at Lindanger from early in the 1660's. He is is listed in census lists from this decade "together with son and boys." Holger was alive in 1701, but was dead three years later when his young widow , Birgitte, was summoned by stepchildren. A lawsuit was being considered over the deed of conveyance where Holger had bequeathed Birgitte a quarter share of the farm, "in addition with a Sølfbelte and a gold ring." The other heirs claimed that this was "way too much." He was married to NN ?? ?.

1211. NN ?? ? (842) was born in 1600. There appears to be some confusion regarding the identiy of Gunla Holgerdtr's mother. In the Tysvær bygdebok, vol. 4, Lindanger chapter, Gunla's mother is indicated as "NN" and as Holger's first wife. Children were:

child597 i. Siri Holgersdtr LINDANGER.
child ii. NN LINDANGER(843) was born in Lindanger, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway.
child605 iii. Gunla Holgersdtr. LINDANGER.
child iv. Ingrid Holgersdtr LINDANGER(844) was born in 1665 in Lindanger, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Her first marriage was to Torger Erikson of Nesheim who was a farmer of half of Lindanger after Ingrid's father. Torger had been married first to Gunla Holgersdtr maybe from Baustad in Nedstrand. Ingrid and Torger had one son, Holger, b. 1689. After Torger's death in 1692, Ingrid married Erik Kolbeinson from Tørsdal in Vats who also farmed at Lindanger. They had 3 children
child v. Kari Holgersdtr LINDANGER(845) was born in 1673 in Lindanger, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She probably lived at Baustad in Nedstrand. She married first to Holger Olson and secondly to Svein Tollefson.

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