604. Gunnar Sjurson ROMSALAND (662) (663) was born in 1665 in Brattestø, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He died before 1700. In the 1666 census, he was listed as one year old living with his parents and older brother in Brattestø. He was a farmer at Aukland. Late in 1687 he registered his leasehold letter, dated 16 Dec 1686. It was his father, Sjur Romsaland, which rented the farm to him. The farm included half portion of Aukland. He was married to Gunla Holgersdtr. LINDANGER.

605. Gunla Holgersdtr. LINDANGER (664)(665) was born between 1663 and 1668 in Lindanger, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. [Tysvær bygdebok vol. 4, p. 463, has birth in 1663; vol. 5, p. 190, has birth in 1668.] She married first to Gunnar Sjurson Romsaland and had one child, Sjur, with him. She married the second time to Nils Nilsson Aukland (from Øvernes in Etne) and they had 3 children: Nils 1705, Gunla 1704 and Kari 1700. Children were:

child302 i. Sjur Gunnarson AUKLAND.

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