1208. Sjur Gunnarson ROMSALAND (836) (837) was born in 1636 in Romsaland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1708. He lived first in Brattestø. He lived there only for a while before he returned to his father's farm at Romsaland. The census list from 1666 tells that he had the sons Bård, 3 years old and Gunnar in 1 year old while living at Brattestø.
He was from 1675 finally farmer at the Romsaland farms. In 1673 he had still held to Brattestø. Sjur was owner of land in the farm Ytre (Outer) Bjordal in Vikebygd. This property he had taken over from his father-in-law, Bård Aukland. Sjur's son, Bård, settled at the Bjordal farm. The name of this son is probably a writing error in the census for 1666.
In 1683 Sjur got the deed at a lesser part/share of land rent in Romsaland. The sellers were his siblings. Sjur was in 1676 the person responsible for looking after the equipment of the military district that Romsaland was in. At two military activities he could not respond because both times he lay sick.
(Find more on Sjur in the book, "Berge Velde, Slektene Velde og Espeland og inngiftede slekter, Oslo, 1957.") Here is a little "slektsforviklingar" (family complication) or connection: Sjur's third wife was the daughter to of Holger O. Lindanger the younger (den yngre). This Holger was a cousin to the second wife of Sjur's father. And Sjur's son - Gunnar (son of Sjur's second wife) - was also married to Gunla, sister to Sjur's third wife!
The above taken from Tysvær bygdebøker, vols. 4 & 5. This family is even more interesting, and complicating, as the Wheeler line descends from both Gunnar who is Sjur's second born with his first wife, and from Jakob who is the first born to Sjur and his third wife. Furthermore, the Wheeler line descends from two different sons of Holger O. (Skiftun) Lindanger, one being the Holger the "younger" mentioned above, and the other, Holger Holgerson, who was the father of Sjur's father's second wife!

He was married to Siri Bårdsdtr AUKLAND.

1209. Siri Bårdsdtr AUKLAND (838)(839) was born in 1638 in Aukland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She died about 1670 in Romsaland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Children were:

child i. Bård Sjurson ROMSALAND(840) was born in 1663 in Brattestø, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He married Anna Nilsdtr and lived at Bjordal ytre (outer) in Vikebygd.
child604 ii. Gunnar Sjurson ROMSALAND.

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