2420. Ola Holgerson SKIFTUN/LINDANGER (1028) (1029) was born in 1600 in Skiftun, Hjelmeland, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1660. Ola lived first at Skiftun in Hjelmeland. There he was farm owner in association with his uncle Sjovat Olavson in 1626. He left Skiftun in 1627. He lived also at Yrkje before he came to Lindanger. Three of Ola's sons, Jakob Sandvik, Bjørn and Per, the last in military service, wrote in 1673 a petition or a "bøneskriv" on some money they had borrowed from their brother Holger. The county magistrate promised them not to pursue lawsuit (only) if they could prove their right to the money (that means: Jacob , Bjørn and Per had to prove that it
was their money).
He was married to Ingrid Jakobsdtr IKDAL.

2421. Ingrid Jakobsdtr IKDAL (1030) was born in 1600 in Ikdal, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She was married first to Ola Holgerson and they had 6 children. After Ola's death in 1660, "widow" Ingrid married secondly to Per Eielson of Nesheim in Sjernarøy who is listed as the next farmer of the half Lindanger farm after Ola. Children were:

child i. Torborg Olsdtr LINDANGER(1031) was born in 1620. She married Simon Jørgenson and lived in Sør Hidle and Aubø in Sjernarøy
child1194 ii. Holger Olson LINDANGER.
child iii. Jakob Olson LINDANGER(1032) was born in 1631. He married Berit (Brita) Olsdtr. and lived at Sandvik in Nedstrand.
child iv. Bjørn Olson LINDANGER/IKDAL(1033) was born in 1633. He died about 1698. He married Ingeborg Bårdsdtr from Aukland and was the farmer of the whole Bruk 1 (Dalen) farm at Ikdal.
child v. Ola Olson LINDANGER(1034) was born in 1640. He was mentioned in 1666.
child vi. Per Olson LINDANGER(1035). He was mentioned in 1673 in a family legal matter and it was indicated at this time that he was in the military.

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