2480. Njell Olsen NORDAAS/MADLAND (1042) (1043). He was the eldest of the 3 known sons of Ola. He lived first on Nordås (Nordaas) from about 1606 to 1623; he later lived on Madland and is listed as number 4 on that farm. Njell was married 2 times: first with Gjøa Torsteinsdtr. Edland. The name and identiy of the other wife is not known. It is also not known which children he had with which wife. It is believed, however, that he had about 5 sons and 1 daughter. He was married. Children were:

child i. Velum Njellson MADLAND(1044) died about 1659 in Gjesdal Parish, Stavanger amt (Rogaland), Norway. He was born in Gjesdal Parish, Stavanger amt (Rogaland), Norway. He is listed together with father (at Madland) from 1629 to 1635 and in 1636 together with Njell's widow. He is also found there to 1659. He was married to daughter to Ola Omundson Bjelland, but her full name is not known.
-- In 1629 Velum Madland paid a fine (of) 1 field silver for "Blach."
In 1659 was Velum Njellson Madland indicted for adultery, but he died straight after this come up. Widow paid a fine (of) 10 dalar (old norwegian currency) for him.
Velum's known children are:
a. Lars. He lived at Madland.
b. Njell, lived at Nose in 1665.
c. Ola. He was 19 year(s) in 1665 and started something then from brother-in-law sheriff Johans Torkelson Kyllingstad. He lived probably later at Skorve.
d. Berit married to. sheriff Johans Torkelson Kyllingstad.

child1240 ii. Jesper Nilsen (Njellson) SIKVELAND.
child iii. Torger Njellson BJELLAND(1045) was born in Gjesdal Parish, Stavanger amt (Rogaland), Norway. He died in Gjesdal Parish, Stavanger amt (Rogaland), Norway. He lived at Bjelland. Record of Torger on the Bjelland farm is found from 1642 to 1686, then there is a probate about him. His wife was called Ingeborg and she was daughter of Ola Omundson Bjelland. They had 5 children: Ola (b. abt. 1644) and farmer at Bjelland, Laurits who lived at Kjøbenhavn, Ola, Erik Espedals and Eli Espedal.
child iv. Halvard Njellson NEVLAND/VØLSTAD(1046) was born about 1615 in Nordås, Gjesdal, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1668 in Vølstad, Gjesdal, Rogaland, Norway. He lived first at Nevland, later at Vølstad were he died 1668. He came to Nevland in 1641 and he also is found there in 1645, but 20 years later is he at Vølstad. His wife was wife Marit Vellesdtr. Espeland and was from Bjerkreim, daughter of Velle A. Espeland and his wife Asgjerd Mauritsdtr., which was daughter of the rich Maurits Olson Maudal from Fintland in Sirdal.
In the settlement of the Halvard's estate (skiftet) on 9 Sep 1668, these children are identified:
a. Njell, born 1648 married to Ranveig Reiarsdtr. Kydland from Kyllingstad , widow of Einar Arnbjørnson Kydland.
b. Velle, born 1654, died 1682 (probate 16 september.) married to Kirstern Torgersdtr. They lived at Bjelland and were childless.
c. Alter, born 1658, married to Dorthea Rasmusdotter. He was found at Ravndal in 1701.
d. Marit, married to Arch (other name not known).
e. Gunhild, married to Gunnar Olson Vølstad.
f. Ingeborg, dead 1702-3, married 2 times: 1. with Ola Monsson Kyllingstad, died 1695; 2. with PederEivindson Kyllingstad.
g. Asgjerd. In the settlement of the estate after the death of her brother Velle, she was called Asgjerd Vøfflestad.
child v. Lars Njellson HELLAND(1047) was born about 1623 in Madland, Gjesdal, Stavanger Amt (Rogaland), Norway. He died in 1668. (probate 9 Sep 1668.) He lived at Helland. He married Malena Ljødesdtr. who was born at Re in Time. They had 6 children: Elling, Njell, Ola, Laurits, Ola, Omund and Eli.
child vi. Gjøa Njellsdtr. NORDAAS/MADLAND(1048) was born in Gjesdal Parish, Stavanger amt (Rogaland), Norway. She was married to Lars Arneson Haukamork. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters: Hans, Ådne, Kari and a daughter, name unknown, who married Simon Ådneson Ravndal

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