4960. Ola Sigmundsen MADLAND (1142) (1143). "mentioned 1602 - abt. 1622" (Slooper book)
"Ola, which I find at Madland from 1602 to around 1622, must surely have been the son of Sigmund. He had 3 sons which I know about: Njell, Sigmund and Laurits. The last lived at Sveinsvoll. Can it be that he also had a daughter which was called Kirsten?" It could be that she was married to Sven Olson Kyllingstad. (Gjestal bygdebok) He was married. Children were:

child2480 i. Njell Olsen NORDAAS/MADLAND.
child ii. Sigmund Olsen MADLAND(1144) was born about 1585 in Madland, Gjesdal, Stavanger Amt (Rogaland), Norway. He died in 1668. He was not the eldest, but it he at first lived at Madland. The eldest the brother, Njell, lived first in Nordås. -- Sigmund was born around 1585 and died 1668. The wife was called Gyrid Torgrimsdtr. She died 1675. Her father was Torgrim Malmeim, Bjerkreim. He is mentioned there from 1603 to 1612. Brøne Sigmund Olson Madland and Njell Olson Nordås exchanged farms around 1623, so Njell, who was the eldest, came home as he was left his father's farm. Sigmund remained living in Nordås. Sigmund had 4 sons and 4 daughters: Torger (who took over the Nordås farm), Ola, Peder, Ola, Siri, Helga, Ingeborg and Todne.
child iii. Laurits Olsen MADLAND(1145). He lived at Sveinsvoll.

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