New Zealand Wedding & Photo Ops

The big day arrives - the afternoon of Saturday, October 16, 2004.

The wedding of 

Annabel Temple of Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand


Richard Furman of Eureka, California, USA

This side of the room starts to fill with friends & family of the bride.

With Mr. McConnachie officiating, Annabel & Richard listen to words of wisdom in this personalized ceremony.

Facing each other, the bride & groom exchange vows & rings.

The newly weds turn to face the audience.

Another pose of the freshly married couple.

And yet another - with smiles continuing.

Between showers, the couple rush outside for official wedding photos which also shows the pleasant garden of the hotel.

Another photo of the couple in front of the hotel entrance.

Family & friends come out to congratulate the newly weds.

The father of the groom gets to kiss the bride!

Groom's parents, Peggy & Keith Wheeler, pose with the happy two.

More family as Annabel's mother, Wendy Temple, joins for this photo.

Here the couple is joined by Annabel's mother, Wendy, brother Toby & Toby's fiancée, Jen.

Another shot of the close mostly New Zealand family.

Yet another shot of the smiling couple & parents.

Dare we have even another of couple & parents.

Getting away from the crowd, Jen, Richard, Annabel & Toby cross the street to the park for more photos.

In the park, the newly weds extend their gratitude to Mr. McConnachie while Toby & Jen stand by.

Smiles emanate from these members of the wedding party. 

One last pose in the park for the newly weds.

Now it is time for the couple of honor to reenter the hotel for the reception.

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