New Zealand Wedding Reception

After the time of congratulations and Bridal Party photographs, the wedding celebrants entered the Hotel's Marlborough Room for the reception.  An elegant Buffet Menu was provided for all guests prior to the traditional cutting of the wedding cake.

The Groom & Bride occupy the center of the head table with groom's father Keith at the far end, Bridesmaid Jen next, closer we find Groomsman Toby & mother of the bride, Wendy.

 Looking down the head table from the other end, (L-R) Jen, Bridal Couple, Toby, & Wendy talking across the table to Georgiana Harman (Annabel's aunt). Behind Wendy is family friend Anthony Chaytor talking to Brian Harman (Annabel's uncle). 

 Due to low lighting, our camera could only reach this one of the four guest tables. L to R: Scott Williamson (Annabel's cousin), Linda Brydon (family friend), Ian Seabrook (family friend), George Welch (Annabel's cousin's husband), Robert Brydon, Nicola (Scott's fiancée) and Brian Avery (family friend).

Another view of the head table - Wendy discusses reception schedule with the bridal party.

A closer view of groom, bride, groomsman & mother of the bride.

Mother of the groom, Peggy, gets acquainted with Linda Brydon (Temple family friend), while Keith carries on a conversation in the other direction.

At the far end of the table, the newly weds ponder the appropriate way to cut the wedding cake.

Rich, Annabel & cake (& Keith) - a closer view - & closer to the cutting.

Several photos later, the traditional cutting of the cake happens.

Brian Harman (Annabel's uncle) & Rich, two handsome men in "morning suits" (traditional, English-style wedding attire).

Rich & close Temple family friend, Anthony Chaytor, pause in their conversation for this shot.

This one turned out a bit dark but still shows symbolically the closeness of 2 hands, as well as new rings!

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