New Zealand Wedding Preparations

Here are a few shots of the preparation for the wedding taken the day before, and the morning of, the October 16th, 2004, wedding of Annabel Temple & Richard Furman.

Plan A was to have an outside wedding on the pleasant garden grounds of the hotel.  As rain was in the forecast, it seemed wise to have Plan B for the wedding to be held in the very adequate (& dry) "Chart Room" of the hotel.

Location of the wedding: Scenic Circle Blenheim Country Hotel, Blenheim, New Zealand.

Rehearsals at the hotel find Rich, Annabel, and her brother Toby in front of Rob McConnachie, Marriage Celebrant.

Richard & Mr. McConnachie discuss logistics for the next day's ceremony.

Here the main players rehearse the wedding procession as Keith looks on.

L-R: Groom's Mother, Peggy Wheeler; Groomsman, Toby Temple & Bridesmaid, Jen Hartley; Usher Russell Smith; Bride's Mother, Wendy Temple; Bride, Wendy Temple; Groom, Richard Furman; Marriage Celebrant, Rob McConnachie.

Richard checks the seating arrangement on one side of the room.

The Hotel's "Marlborough Room" is ready for the reception.

The girls have an early morning appointment at the hair dresser.

Rich gets help from Keith in tying the tie.  It seems everyone was a bit out of practice.

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