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OUT OF PRINT as of September 29, 2010

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by Henrik O. Lunde,* historian/genealogist of medieval Norse life and families

Separate from the above book, a Monograph Series of Some Old Norwegian Families (ISSN 2150-749X) is now available: M1 - Ivar in Valen; M2 - Lillienskiold; M3 - Munthe; M4 - Norwegian Nobility (in work); M5 - Write Your Family History on Your Computer, Getting Started: Ancestors; others in preparation.  These are in gook form, 7"x9" softbound, 30 to 48 pages, and sold individually for $19.95 each.  [See below.**]

Americans and other English-speaking people of Norwegian heritage who research their ancestors rely heavily on the many community histories (bygdebøker) which have been published over the past 60-70 years. Although these are in Norwegian, they are easily read with the help of a good dictionary. However, most of these valuable references go back only to the 16th Century. This book, dealing primarily with the period before 1600, is based on information gathered from historical periodicals, property books, assembly records, court records, and an extensive collection of documents and letters between 1050 and 1590, all technical in nature and difficult to read as they are written in Old Norse, Middle Norwegian, Danish, and Latin. The usefulness of this book is that researchers and genealogists can save time and effort by referring to one or more of the old families mentioned below once a connection to their own work is found. This allows genealogies to be carried back much further in time once a connection is made.

Included in this 394 page book with numerous tables and illustrations is a discussion of the following Middle Age families: Aga and Galte; Benkestok; Haard; Hovland; Ingemund & Byre; Kruckow; Kusse & Aspa; Lejon; Losna & Semeleng; Måge; Mowat; Onarheim; Orm & Orning; Rustung & Skanke; Sandven; Sle; Smør & Blindheim; Sudrheim, Rein, & Giske; and Torsnes.


Some Old Norse Families may be ordered by sending your check for $49.95, together with your mailing address to: 

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OUT OF PRINT as of September 29, 2010

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* Henrik Lunde was born and raised in Norway and as a young person experienced German occupation during WWII.  Later he became an officer in the US Army, served with distinction during the Vietnam War, and retired as a full Colonel in the US Army.  Other books written by Col. Lunde are Hitler's Pre-Emptive War; The Battle for Norway, 1940 and Rolfsnes, Ase, and Related Families (.pdf file requires Adobe Reader).  In addition to the "Monograph Series" (below), Col. Lunde is currently working on his new book, Finland War, 1941-1945.

** The monographs mentioned at the top of this page are still available for $19.95 each (CLICK HERE for the latest listing and more details of "Monograph Series -- ISSN 2150-749X"). 

An article about Col. Lunde, his scholarly research and writing appeared in the August 2009 issue of Viking; Magazine for the Members of Sons of Norway, pages 14-17.  The name of the article was "Beyond the Bygdebok; A creative plan for expanding family genealogies beyond their traditional limits" and was written by Norwegian-American publisher Dr. Enoch Haga.


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