Letter regarding the book Some Old Norse Families




Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dear SONF Customer:


We have you on our waiting list for possible reprinting of Some Old Norse Families (SONF). After due consideration we have decided that reprinting would be impractical. The reasons are twofold:


First, the rising costs of printing, and the attendant costs of promotion, make it impossible to recover costs.


Secondly, this book is rapidly becoming outdated. SONF was based on research completed in 2002. Since then, we have recently learned, scholars and historians are producing and disseminating via books, articles, seminars, and dissertations, a considerable amount of new information – in the Norwegian and Swedish languages. In view of the large amount of research necessary, as well as the time and resources involved, the author, Henrik O. Lunde, feels, as I do, that the task is better left in the hands of other competent scholars such as Mr. Løberg and others  coming up through the ranks.


You may want to consider reference to the review published in the Spring Edition of Genealogen (Genealogen 1-2010), pages 51-55. This review, in Norwegian, was written by the distinguished Norwegian genealogist, Mr. Løberg. For further information on the review, please contact: Are S. Gustavsen, Editor-in-chief, Genealogen. Internet: www.genealogi.no


We thank you for your interest in SONF and wish you well with your continued research.




Enoch Haga, Publisher of SONF