Album 16 - Cofradia de Suchitlan & Colima - leaving

January 18-24, 2006  -  We left our friends Susan & Jack in Tlaquepaque on the 17th.  Our tourist life would slow down as we returned to the Colima village of Cofradía de Suchitlán.  Here with our friends at Project Amigo Keith would rest his bum leg while Peg would also get some needed down-time and help some with Project activities.  It was during this time that we received some information from family in California of problems there. We decided it was time to find a flight home and wrap up our "south of the border" travels for now. 


The view of entrances to the Project's Office & Hacienda on the corner just one block south of the plaza.

Peg enjoys another morning in the pleasant interior garden & dining area of the Hacienda.

This time we actually stayed a little over a block away in the Harry & Cheryl Johnson home - the use of which is donated to the Project when the Johnsons are back at their northern Calif. home.

In honor of his recently deceased nephew, Keith lights a candle in the local church.

A front view of Cofradía's old indigenous Catholic Church.

Known as the "Mothers' Place" or suegra, folks often gather to visit in the communal area of this complex where both Ted's & Susan's mothers now live.

Only open certain nights, this Cofradía restaurant serves great tacos at a very reasonable price. 

We needed to do some shopping for prescription meds before returning, so we catch a ride in to Colima with Project's Diego Martínez. This is a prominent round-about as we near the city.

Our first stop was actually in the northern suburb of Villa de Alvarez where we check pharmacies on both sides of this divided road containing this interesting model of the twin volcanoes to the north.

In to the center of the city of Colima, this is the view of the main city plaza.

Facing one side of the City jardin is the grand old Hotel Ceballos, now part of the Best Western chain.

A view of the covered way in front of this 1861 building that in the evening becomes a popular dining & socializing area.

On another side of the plaza is the huge Colima cathedral and adjacent government building.

Keith captures this shot of a pedestrian street off the plaza. It was from the top of the distant parking garage that Keith got a good Colima photo during his 1987 visit.

Back in Cofradía & the Johnson house, Peg enjoys the last moments of fast broadband Internet connection. We will soon return home to the 3rd world of northern Calif. where a 28.8Kbps dial-up will again be our fastest!!!

Thanks Mexico, Thanks Project Amigo

Peggy y Keith

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