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Following the direction of the funeral procession, we walk down Kerfautras Street then turn right on to Massillon Street looking to see if any of the buildings match those shown on Photo #006 or Photo #071 - some of them matching somewhat, indicating that some of the buildings in this area might have survived WWII.  A close inspection of the old Photo #071 reveals the angled US flag at half-mast over the entrance of the hospital which would match with the parking lot we had just left.  The only fatal accident at Brest Air Station occurred on 21 Aug 1918, when an HS-1 seaplane, piloted by Ensign R. F. Clark, US Naval Reserve Force, with Ensign A. L. Boorse, USNRF & W. F. Rodman, Machinist Mate, 2nd Class USN, as observers crashed from a height of 400 feet resulting in the death all.  Their bodies were reportedly taken to the Navy Base Hospital prior to burial.  With the tremendous help of Monique and Alian, we were able to make sense and sequence of these photos from Harry St.Clare's album.  Most, if not all of these funeral photos were of the professionally taken postcard type.

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