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Well, maybe 4+ days as we flew out of the small Eureka/McKinleyville airport early Monday morning, 10 November. The first short leg of the trip would take us south to the large San Francisco airport.  There we would meet our first delay waiting for our trans-Pacific flight at SFO International. It was a packed flight and the next connection was tight one.. At one point we had expected some time to see a little bit of Hong Kong that would not be the case this time.  They were holding the Singapore flight, so only time for a quick plane change after dark. Our final arrival at Singapore was nearly on time.  

Main mission in Singapore was to obtain visas for Thailand.  That would also not work out.  We did see a little of this big clean, modern city but forgot to take our camera along - sorry, no photos from our first full day in Southeast Asia.  The camera was with us as we headed north later by train through Malaysia.  Destination Butterworth & George Town in northwest Malaysia.

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