Interesting Links about Japan

    During the process of researching everything I could before the trip, I acquired something in the neighborhood of 200 sites as bookmarks.  There is no shortage of good sites on the web.  Since it would not be practical to list all, I have here selected a few of my favorites.

General Information
    Schauwecker's Guide to Japan
    Japan for Visitors (
    Kids Web Japan (culture and people)
    Japan Information
    Teaching (and Learning) About Japan (PDF/Adobe Acrobat file)

Art, Drama, Music
    Kabuki theatre

    The Kabuki Story
    Kyogen (traditional comic theatre)

    Ukiyo-e (Japanese Woodblock prints) from Wikipedia
    Ukiyo-e sites (a very comprehensive list of links)
    The Shamisen a three-stringed instrument
    The koto
   The Japanese flute

    A Tapestry of Traditions: Japanese Religions by Michael Pye
    Religion in Japan: Shinto and Buddhism

    Making Sushi and surviving in a sushi bar
    Tokyo Food Page

Places, cities, areas
    Tokyo National Museum
    A Digital Walk Through Tsukiji Fish Market
    Living in Japan
    Ehime Prefecture facts, forum, links
    Ehime Prefecture
    Hiroshima Peace Park
    The seasons of Mt. Ishizuchi
    Niihama Taiko Drum Festival

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Updated 1/21/2010