S.T. Drama Class does Kyogen
Mr. Don Kenny and Mr. Shichiro Ogawa were touring the US and were returning from performances and workshops in Chicago.  It was our good fortune to hear that they would be in Redding, California, and would be presenting Kyogen and Celtic Harp.  Since they had presented Kyogen in English for the FMF teacher group in November at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo, it was very exciting to think they would be in Northern California on March 26, 2000.
Mr. Kenny has studied kyogen in Japan for over 30 years
He has also translated a number of plays into English and written several books on the subject..

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Hiding the Badger -- a traditional story in Kyogen
Kyogen is a 600 year old traditional Japanese theater form.
It is used in conjunction with the other traditional form of Noh.
See links below for additional information.

Don Kenny and Shichiro Ogawa present Kyogen and answer questions after the show.
Don Kenny plays Eastern and Western music on his new Celtic Harp
S.T. and Hayfork students talk with the performers after the show.
One last photo before the sun goes down at Hwy 3 and 36. It was a nice Sunday afternoon

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