Beth Fisher models a vintage kimono and obi brought from Japan
Miss Asako Harada of Tokyo wraps the obi around Beth's waist. After the length is adjusted, the obi gets tucked in. The finished product (or at least as much as we could figure out.)
To see how it's really done, try this site:
(Most text is in Japanese, but pics are nice.)
. . . or check out the Kimono Exhibit, A Student Honours Thesis Project (Univ. of British Columbia)
. . . or The Kimono Page (a Department of History, Cleveland State University, Ohio, site)
. . . or The Japanese Kimono and The Kimono and Obi (sites by the International Folk Culture Center, San Antonio, Texas)
A "Quick History of Japanese Clothing" gives an academic history of Japanese dress, defines "kimono" and includes illustrations and simple example patterns of typical garments.
Another interesting site, "Wanderings - Japanese Kimono," has some very nice photos, some interesting information about kimonos, and a very strong opinion about "white women in kimonos."

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