The Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers' Association*

Page by page reproduction of the 1910 Souvenir Program of the 7th Annual Sangerfest held in Eureka, California.  This was apparently the 7th such annual music festival and was held September 2-5, 1910.  See Seventh Singer Festival article for more information on this event.  This musical association is not part of Sons of Norway, but, at least in the case of the Eureka groups, the membership and history of these two groups were much intertwined.  The Norden Singing Society of Eureka no longer exists.  The PCNCA singing group has actively continued to the present time (see below). 

Front cover for the 7th Annual Festival program.

Color picture of redwoods & Eel River south of Eureka.

Title page.

Association Grand Officers & member Societies

Corresponding Secretary, President, Treasurer.

1st V. P., Musical Director, 2nd V. P.

Recording Sec., Assist. Sec., Marshal

Festival Committees.

Executive Committee.

Reception Committees.

Ladies Reception Committee.

General Festival Program.

Eureka Mayor, Association Delegate.

Concert Program Sept. 3rd., Sat.

Concert Program Sept. 4th., Sun.

Soprano, Accompanist.

Program Notes, Olof Bull, Violinist.

Program Notes

Brief Historical Sketch of Association.

Norden Singing Society, Eureka, CA.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, San Francisco, CA.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Portland, OR.

Sangforeningen Lærken, Astoria, OR.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Seattle, WA.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Tacoma, WA.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Spokane, WA.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Stanwood, WA.

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Everett. WA-

Nordmændenes Sangforening, Silvana, WA.

Viking Mandskor, Aberdeen, WA.

Eureka & Humboldt Co. described.

Eureka & Humboldt Co. - continued.

Eureka & Humboldt Co. - continued.

Eureka & Humboldt Co. - continued.

Back cover photo - "Eureka from the Bay"

*The Pacific Coast Norwegian Singing Association was founded in 1902 and early on  was composed of choruses stretching from Seattle, WA, area in the north, to San Francisco, CA, in the south, and Potlach, ID, to the east.   

    For a chronology of this almost annual singing festival see this page from the Centennial Sangerfest Program of the Everett Norwegian Male Chorus and the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association - June 2002, courtesy of current Association President, Phil Overlund.  

    Richard Olson of the Everett Norwegian Male Chorus reported in 2003 that the "PCNSA now consists of 12 Choruses.
        California:    Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, & San Diego
        Oregon:         Salem & Eugene
        Washington: Bellingham, Everett, Poulsbo, Seattle, Skagit Valley, & Tacoma.
The Choruses get together once a year as a group to perform in one grand concert which is called a Sangerfest.  Last year Everett hosted the event to celebrate our 100 years as a chorus. The first Sangerfest with the PCNSA was in Everett in 1903."   

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