[This "article" or bit of descriptive writing remains somewhat of a mystery.  The author is unknown and it was apparently written in Norwegian.  It was translated in to English by the late Erling Daastol.  This describes the 7th Annual Sangerfest of the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers' Association held in Eureka, California.  This took place in the early part of September 1910 and was the "Seventh Annual Festival."  See the Souvenir Program page for more information.]

Seventh Singer Festival in Eureka, California, 1910

    "Norden" of Eureka was established in 1903.  Chas. Swenson was its first director, who, after about 3 years, was followed by T. E. Pedersen and later Holbek Thomassen, who now lives in Norway and who was followed by his brother Hans Thomassen.

    There were many difficulties connected with our meet in Eureka.  Up until now, the distance between the groups had been comparatively small, and it was a long ways to Eureka -- a 30-hour trip by sea from Portland.  Many wondered, if we were going to get there "right side up."  Eureka, it seemed to me at that time, ought to have been translated with "The End of the World."  Once there, it was impossible to continue, but you simply had to return the same way you came, by boat, naturally.  But the Eureka boys had been "smart" in keeping secret that the next boat out was not due to depart before 8-10 days hence.  Once there, they had to keep us.  But when the departure date came, many wished the festival had lasted longer.  That's how fast the time went.

    The Eureka singers were masters at entertaining.  They always had something new to offer.  Every day, there were trips to take, each differing from the previous ones.  You felt that what was done, came from the heart.  You felt at home.  It was no little thing to have about 300 singes to take care of for that long.

    The singers from Washington and Oregon left Portland with the steamship "Geo. W. Elder."  Among the participants from Portland was the choir's only honorary member, Dr. Wm. Eisen.  He became honorary member because of his work for us during the Fair.

    The trip down was a festival in itself.  There were jokes, playing and song without ceasing.  There were those, however, who felt that one should "save" the voice for later, which they did.  Whether the cause was the food, or the rolling of the ship - well enough said -.  They lay there quietly, pale-faced, resting their feet as well.

    The boat was met outside Eureka by the arrangement committee.  Later on, the same day, the singers arrived from San Francisco by steamship.  The ship was decorated, the Norwegian flag on top.  You forgot the sea entirely due to the wonderful reception.

    The arrangement was in the hands of: H. W. Hansen; H. Thomassen; N. C. Quist; J. R. Pedersen; C. W. Widness, and E. Tomsen.

    Here I would especially like to mention Eureka's "veteran" Oluf Karlsen, the choir's founder and never-failing supporter.  He has always given freely of his time and his means to further the cause of singing.  He is one of those who work quietly, one of these great souls who wants to "contribute" something, and Karlsen is the man you go to if you need a big job done.

    The work of the ladies can't be praised too highly, and they must be included in this account. 

Mrs:  P. Borup; J. R. Pedersen; J. Overgaard; G. M. Gregersen; O. Aune; A. C. Larsen; H. Hansen; F. Engebretsen; P. Jensen; N. C. Quist; E. Tomsen; C. N. Jensen; P. E. Petersen; S. Siljan; O. Wick; Oluf Karlsen and F. Erlandsen.

Miss:  V. Christensen; S. Nilsen; M. Nilsen; B. Isaksen; G. Holm; M. Thoresen; S. Jacobsen; H. Johnsen; C. Jensen; A. Klemmersen; A. Tennesen; L. Berry; H. Hansen; P. Jensen; M. Christensen; A. Ness and L. Ness.

   ( There were two concerts given in Eureka.  The article describes each number - Then there was a banquet - The speakers at the banquet were:

F. Engebretsen; Thomas Kolderup; Gunnar Lund;

Dr. Wm Eisen; Carlo Sperati; J. O. Berg;

M. Johnsen; E. Hauke; J. W. Oyen; J. Norman;

O. Lein and Th. F. Hamann from Minneapolis.


Olaf Bull played several numbers on his violin.


A beautiful "Redwood" picture, framed, was handed director Sperati by Holbek Thomassen.


All were asked to visit Eureka again.)

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