Norwegian Language Class prepares for

Christmas holidays, 2002


The language class meets on December 4th and devotes most of its time to making traditional Norwegian Christmas tree decorations and to trimming the Lodge's annual tree.  The tree and decorations will be enjoyed at the Lodge's annual Christmas party (see photos of this event).

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David Iversen works on the beautiful tree he brought in. 

While some class members work on the tree, others make decorations. Even our fearless teacher, Pam, tries her hand at woven heart baskets.
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The ladies of the class overcome the challenge of the woven heart baskets.

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Keith catches Doris in front of the tree. Even a grandson gets in the act of decorating. Pam & Doris pose one last time before the class quits for the evening.
God Jul og ...  class11dec02_2.JPG (52977 bytes) Godt nytt År !
One week later, on Dec. 11th, the small group attending the class gather in front of the decorated tree.

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