Lillian Hoika & Jan Daniloff visit March 2nd, 2005, Lodge Meeting. (14 images)

Former Humboldt Co. resident Lillian Hoika and her new found Norwegian cousin Jan Fredrik Daniloff from Oslo, Norway, attend the Lodge's monthly potluck and meeting.  Lillian shared her story of tracing her roots through the "Kven" people of far northern Norway and their Finnish roots.  Jan, a retired university professor of literature and history and frequent lecturer in, and visitor to, America, had never seen the north coast.  Lillian and Jan shared their experiences of last June (2004) in northern Norway where Jan and his brother introduced Lillian to her family in Kåfjord.  Her visit coincided with the local celebration and unveiling of a beautiful monument to the very Kven emigrants from whom Lillian descended. It was an emotional experience that was heralded in the local Altaposten with numerous photos.  For more on this newspaper's presentation see:

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