FRAM Lodge No. 13

Eureka, California

The Lodge mourns the passing of its Members.

Hans Thompson

Born:  20 Apr 1889, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder, Norway

Died: 18 Nov 1937, Humboldt Co., California        Age 48  (logging accident)

Milota/Eureka Library: Died at Pacific Lumber Camp near Freshwater of crushed chest and abdomen; struck by cable while working as a hook tender 4 miles S.E. of Freshwater; Inquest inform L.H. Olsen; Parents Marie (Salversen) & Tonnes Thompson - b. Norway; Brother of Hannah Jonnesen & Lars Thompson; Uncle = Thom Thompson; Cousin = L.H. Olsen.

 1910 US Census:  Age 20; Single; Immigration Year 1909; Living as a Lodger with many other men in a hotel run by Edward Kramer & wife Mattie in Eureka Ward 1, Humboldt Co.; Hans' Occupation given as "Spool Tender, Lumber Woods"

Jun 1917 WW I Draft Registration Card:  Age 28; Single; born in Flekkefjord, Norway; Naturalized Citizen; Home Address 816 2nd St., Eureka; Occupation of "Hooktender"; Employer Hammond Lumber Co. at Camp 21, Samoa, Calif.; indicates "mother" is solely dependent on him for support; Physical description indicates he is "Tall" and "Slender" with light blue eyes, light brown hair and had "no disability". 

 1920 US Census:  Age 30; Single; Immigration Year 1909; Naturalized Citizen (1915); Living as a cabin "partner" of Italian Antonio Pardini in Korbel town, Mad River Township, North Fork Precinct, Humboldt Co.; Occupation of "Woodsman, Logging Camp".

US Passport Application 6 Mar 1922: Hans Thompson swears that he was born in Norway on 20 Apr 1889; that his father "Tennis Hanson" was born in Norway and is now deceased; that Has emigrated to the US, sailing from "Christiansand, Norway" about 15 Apr 1909; that he resided 13 years in the US from 1909 to 1922 in Humboldt Co., California; that he was naturalized as a US citizen on 12 Aug 1915 at Superior Court in Eureka; that his current residence is in Eureka and that his occupation was "Woodsman"; that he plans to travel outside of the US to Norway to "visit my mother" and to Denmark and Sweden "for Travel"; that he intends to sail from New York on or about 1 May 1922; that he is age 32, height of 5'10 1/2", straight forehead, blue eyes, straight nose, Mouth smooth & small, chin oval, hair brown, complexion ruddy, face oval, and scar 1st joint right forefinger; Knut Tellefson, Eureka Merchant, testifying to Hans' identity; US Passport issued 21 Mar 1922.

 1930 US Census:  Age 41; Single; Immigration Year 1909; Naturalized; Living as a "Roomer" along with many other workers in Camp 8, Little River Redwood Lumber Co., Trinidad Township, Humboldt Co.; Occupation of "Woodsman, Lumber Woods" and this census indicated that he was a Veteran in the World War.


Accidental Death Article:  Humboldt Standard, 19 Nov 1937, Friday Evening, p. 10, col. 1:


   Inquest into the death of Hans Thompsen, 45, expert rigger of the Pacific Lumber company killed at Freshwater Thursday, is to be held at 7:30 p.m. today at Sanders chapel in Eureka.

   Thompsen was caught between a butt rigging and a small tree, according to W. Lloyd Wallace.  The man suffered a crushed chest.  He was a native of Norway and had been a company employee 30 years.

   He is survived by a brother in Norway and a nephew, Tommy Thompsen, believed to be in or near Portland, Ore.  He was a member of Fortuna Lodge of Odd Fellows and of Fram Lodge Sons of Norway, both of this city.


Humboldt Times article:  20 Nov 1937, Saturday, p. 3:

Across full page headlines:  Premonition of Danger Revealed by Twin Tragedy


                     Man Who Helped Him Killed Soon After First Mishap

   A dramatic and tragic premonition of danger was revealed yesterday when Louis Seidner, 26-year-old sawyer, died of injuries received in a woods accident Thursday.

   The sense of peril was noticed Thursday by Hans Thompsen, 48-year-old rigger at the same camp shortly after he helped carry Seidner to a speeder which took the latter to a hospital.  Seidner had been struck by a small tree, which broke his back.

   "There's another sapling we ought to take out," Thompsen said after helping Seidner to the railroad, according to information obtained by Coroner W. L. Wallace yesterday.


   Thompsen was crushed against the same tree he pointed out, within three hours after Seidner was hurt.  He died almost instantly.  Seidner, the man he had helped from the woods, followed him in death less than 24 hours later, at the Scotia hospital.  Both men were employed by The Pacific Lumber Company.

   Seidner's body was taken to the Hunter & Wise mortuary in Fortuna.  He is survived by his widow Lavina Seidner, two children, Wes and Wilbur Seidner, his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Seidner of Loleta, and two brothers, Carl and Will.  Carl Seidner is a well know Redwood League baseball player.

   Funeral services for Seidner will be held at 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon, with Rev. Gary Roush officiating.  Interment will be in the Table Bluff cemetery.  Coroner Wallace will conduct an inquest at the Hunter & Wise mortuary at 7:30 o'clock Monday night.


   An inquest into Thompsen's death was held at the Sanders funeral home last night, and the coroner's jury brought in a verdict of accidental death, finding that he was killed when he was struck by a cable, crushing his chest and abdomen against a small tree.  He was 48 years old and a native of Norway, but had been employed as a skilled logger in Humboldt woods for more than 30 years.  He is survived by a brother, Lars Thompsen, in Norway, a sister, Mrs. Hannah Jonnesen, also of Norway, a cousin, Louis H. Olsen of Loleta, and a nephew, Thom Thompsen, now in Portland, Oregon.

   Funeral services for Thompsen will be held at 1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Sanders funeral home, with Rev. Paul Borup officiating.  Rev. Karl Ekaas will sing two hymns.  Pall bearers will be provided by the Sons and Daughters of Norway, Fortuna Lodge of Odd Fellows in Eureka, and service men's organizations.  Thompsen served overseas with the American forces during the World War, and formerly was a member of the American Legion.  Interment will be in the Sons of Norway plot at the Ocean View cemetery.


Funeral Article:  Humboldt Standard, 22 Nov 1937, Monday Evening, p. 12, col. 5:


   Under the auspices of Fram lodge, Sons of Norway, funeral services for Hans Thompson, widely known woodsman, were conducted Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at Sanders funeral chapel.  Rev. Paul Borup officiated and interment was in Ocean View cemetery.  Scores of friends from throughout the county attended the rites.

   Pallbearers were selected from organizations in which Thompson was a member.  They included Arthur Nelson and Ingvald Gunderson of the Sons of Norway; Walter M. Getchel and Earl W. Swan of Fortuna lodge I.O.O.F.; Karl A Borneman and William J. McMillan of Fort Humboldt Post, American Legion.

   After the committal services in the Ocean View cemetery "taps" were blown by Louis O'Neill, bugler for the American Legion.






1889  ---  1937





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