92. James Montgomery KEITHLY was born on 13 Mar 1796 in KY. He died on 6 Sep 1853. Methodist minister; had 7 children.
"his first wife died leaving two sons and a daughter, he was married the second time and had four daughters, he was a Methodist Minister, was a companion of the noted Peter Cartdright." (This latter statement about Cartdright is also found in reference to James' father John.) He married his second wife, Sarah Jane Catlin, 13 Aug 1839; she died 17 Apr 1877. James & Sarah had the following children:
Susanna, b. 27 Nov 1829, who married William W. May, Methodist minister & Superintendent of DePauw Univ. (Prof. May reportedly researched the Keithley history back to the 12th century.)
Mary Ann, b. 1830, she never married, was not strong ("an invalid") & died in 1863.
Angeline, b. 1832, was a teacher in DePauw College, married a Dr. Still; they had 1 daughter.
Martha, b. 1834, was a milliner, married Andrew Wulson or Wilson.
Some family material has Sarah Jane Catlin as the wife of Samuel Taylor Keithly who was James Montgomery Keithly's son. In some of this material a Jane McClellan is listed as James' second wife.

He was married to Nancy KENDALL before 1818.

93. Nancy KENDALL. "... a fine woman and a shouting Methodist, from her all the Methodists in the Keithley family came, They were all Dunkard before this." "through her influence her husband was converted and became a Methodist Minister, She had three children, 2 sons and a Daughter, she died when the daughter was born." It is believed that the word "dunkard" was possibly a typo error of the word "drunkard." Children were:

child i. Samuel Taylor KEITHLY(3) was born on 23 Dec 1818. He died in 1868. He died from exposure while serving his Country in the Union Army during the Civil War. Tony Kurtz data has Samuel Taylor Keithly married to Sarah Jane Catlin (who is his father's, James Montogomery's, second wife). Further that Abner Cotter Keithly is his son rather than his brother...? This data indicates there were "6 other children - no information." Other family material indicates that Samuel and Sarah had seven children.
child46 ii. Abner Cotter KEITHLY.
child iii. Eliza Riblin KEITHLY was born about 1822. She was named for her grandmother Mary Am Riblin; she married Solomon or Solimon B. Wolf. They had 6 sons and 5 daughters.

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