88. Harmon LIMES, JR. (3) was born on 22 Oct 1791 in near Winchester, VA. He died on 8 Feb 1861 in N. Lewisburg, Champaign Co., OH. Birth, marriage and death dates may be in error as they are given as exactly the same as those for brother, Henry.
He and his wife settled in Ohio near where Dayton now stands (Montgomery Co.). Some family records indicate he might have been a tanner. Information from Tony Kurtz states that his occupation was: "Shoe/boot Maker, Tanner"
Tony Kurtz notes state, "Most info re. Harmon Limes, Jr. & his family came from his family bible located in 1926 by Cecile Faris on a visit to Mrs. McGarity, 1134 Pa. Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. McGarity was the youngest daughter of Wesley Limes, son of Harmon Limes." He was married to Mary or Margaret ? MCKEE on 20 Mar 1813.

89. Mary or Margaret ? MCKEE was born on 28 Jul 1794 in Winchester, VA. Other birth years appearing in family material are 1791 and 1797. She died on 12 May 1864 in Marion Co., IA. Died at home of son Joseph. Children were:

child i. William LIMES was born on 6 Apr 1814 in OH.
child ii. John LIMES was born on 3 May 1816 in OH.
child iii. James LIMES was born on 18 Jun 1818 in OH. He died on 14 Apr 1878 in Louieville, Clay Co., IL. Wife's name was Jane.
child44 iv. Joseph LIMES.
child v. Elizabeth Ann LIMES was born on 5 Sep 1822 in OH. Married a Baldwin.
child vi. Margeret LIMES was born on 13 Dec 1824 in OH. Died in infancy.
child vii. Adaline LIMES was born on 28 Apr 1826 in OH.
child viii. Wesley LIMES was born on 4 Aug 1831 in OH. He died on 5 Dec 1916. Married Martha (1830-1891); they had at least one child (John Thomas who married Sarah Duval.

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