44. Joseph LIMES (2)(3) was born on 9 Sep 1820 in OH. He died on 13 Aug 1893 in Belvidere, Thayer Co., NE. Some family material has place of death as Carleton, NE. He was buried in Belvidere, Thayer Co., NE. "He joined in the gold rush to Calif. in 1849, making the trip West by wagon train and leaving his family in Iowa. (Mrs. Bessie Svoboda has copy of letters he wrote to his family in Iowa while he was looking for gold.) He joined in the gold rush and returned by way of Panama, being gone two years. At that time he was living in Marion Co., Iowa. In 1849? he ran an inn. (He may have had a general store in connection as Mrs. Svoboda knew a woman who knew Joseph Limes. This woman used to sell him berries.) Joseph Limes died at Carleton, Thayer Co., Nebr. on Aug 13, 1893, having resided here a number of years. He was Justice of Peace and also had a feed store at one time." He is also listed as a preacher and merchant in some family records. He was married to Amy Ann ANNON on 20 Mar 1843 in Carleton, NE. One family document had a marriage date of 20 Mar 1843, but this was crossed out; Tony Kurtz data gives this a correct marriage date.

45. Amy Ann ANNON was born on 24 Aug 1825 in OH. She died on 11 Apr 1880 in Belvidere, Thayer Co., NE. Some family writings have death date of 1 Apr 1880. If all data are correct, she had her 11th child when she was 46 years old. Children were:

child i. Robert Wallace LIMES was born on 27 Apr 1844 in OH. He died on 28 Oct 1847. Died as a child.
child22 ii. Edgar Taylor LIMES.
child iii. Mary Elizabeth LIMES was born on 14 Feb 1849 in OH. She died on 13 Apr 1929 in Horton, KS. Married Ira A. Pearson, Sep 1866.
child iv. Alice Annetta LIMES was born on 28 Dec 1852 in IA. She died on 6 Mar 1860. Died as a child.
child v. Joseph Henry LIMES was born on 2 Mar 1855. He died on 22 Mar 1855. Died in infancy.
child vi. Charles Fremont LIMES was born on 10 Oct 1856 in IA. He died on 25 Sep 1893 in San Antonio, TX.(3) Married Simplicia Sims, 6 Jun1891, Bracketville, TX; they had 2 daughters.
child vii. Emma Elsina LIMES was born on 17 Nov 1858 in Attica, IA. She died about 1899 in McFarland, KS. Married Riley Funk.
child viii. Harmon Franklin LIMES was born on 4 Feb 1861 in IA. He died on 21 Nov 1862. Died quite young.
child ix. John Edwin LIMES was born on 2 Nov 1863 in IA. (3) Tony Kurtz data indicates birth year of 1865. Married Truadad Sims, 2 Jun 1891 at Bracketville, TX.
child x. Minnie Bell LIMES was born on 2 Aug 1868 in IA. She died 9 Feb 1901 or 1899 ?. Married Clifton Gillett.
child xi. Lulu May LIMES was born on 30 Oct 1871 in Gasport, IA. Married Eta U. Hitt.

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