Peg & Keith's Vacation trip to Iowa, July 1999

Segment A

A. Getting There - flight to Omaha, NE, drive to Decorah, IA.

We left home just after midnight on the morning of Wednesday, July 28, arriving at Sacramento Airport just as light was starting to break. The last part of the drive held the added attraction of the lunar eclipse -- quite dramatic from highway I-5. 

As all flight arrangements had been made via Internet, and by limiting ourselves to carry-on luggage only, we were able to board efficiently. The flight to Denver was smooth as was the transfer of planes and connecting flight to Omaha. Disembarking at Omaha and picking up the rental car went smoothly as well. 

Shortly after noon central time, we were driving across Iowa heading east toward Des Moines then straight north to Mason City. Here we opted to find our own way further east to Decorah through back roads and small towns. The AAA proposed route looked less direct for some reason. We arrived in Decorah at our motel shortly before dark. We ate at the adjoining restaurant. It was here that we had our first experience with lutefisk and lefse. The lefse was okay. Much like flour tortillas, it's made out of potato. The lutefisk was squiggly and flavorless with a hint of cod taste. It had been preserved in an alkali solution and is apparently an acquired taste. Peg was not impressed with her lutefisk; Keith ate his dutifully.

Impressions of the drive across Iowa: Corn Corn Corn Corn Corn Corn soybeans soybeans soybeans lawn lawn lawn lawn GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN. We were tired and traded off driving. It was hot and HUMID. But the car was efficiently air conditioned. We noticed that the terrain was more interesting near Council Bluffs in western Iowa and again as we got close to Decorah in the north east corner. The difference between these two areas and the great expanse in between was in the size of the hills and the more numerous trees on either side. That Iowa has larger, well-used smoking sections in restaurants was another thing that was very noticeable. 


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