19. Slogvik Farm, Part I - Walk around farm, restored Mill House, Lake.

See Travel Report #9

Einar and Rotraud's home on Bruk 7 of the Slogvik farm.
View of the side of the house toward the south east and the fjord.
Ancient rock work in one of the Slogvik pastures.
A hayfield recently fertilized.
Up the lane to the cotter's cabin.
Upper sheep pasture.
Husmansplas (Cotter's place) , now used as a summer cottage.
Old rock work from the original husmansplas.
Timber at the Slogvik farm -- photo taken from the road.
Marshy bog on the Slogvik farm.
"Kvernhus" sign on road identifying the Historical Site of old Slogvik Mill House.
Official sign and designation of site.
A short walk to the Slogvik mill house.
Water paddles are almost visible beneath the restored mill house, which is believed built around 1600.
Description: A view of the mill stones inside the house. This is the only mill in the country with an adjustable lower millstone.
Slogvik Lake
Cotton grass at the edge of Slogvik Lake-- Keith takes picture of Peg taking a picture.
Peg takes a picture of Keith taking a picture.
Suitable for framing - "Slogvik Lake"
Peg getting a heavy dose of rocks and heather.
This is serious heather & it is amazing.
The entrance to the lane to the Slogvik house.
Lane to Slogvik house with Hervikfjorden and Borgøy Island in the background.
Inside the barn at Slogvik farm -- Einar tends to business.
Rotraud & Keith inspect damage done to fiberglass manure spreader.

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