1842. George JONES (915) was born about 1572 in England. He died about 1626. "... who lived at Dinder, Somerset ... The first mention of Agnes is in his will, so it is not certain that she was the mother of his children, but there is no evidence that he had any other wife. ... George Jones was a respected man in his community, an innkeeper and in 1621 one of the churchwardens. His will was dated the "last daye of Aprill 1626" and probated 20 Nov 1626. In it he asks Agnes to give a "coverled wch is at the Inde [Inn] ...wch is my daughter Dorothie by gifte of hir Grandmother." (Bonnie Hubbard)

He was married to Agnes ? ?.

1843. Agnes ? ? (916). Children were:

child i. Richard JONES(917) was baptised on 20 Jun 1598 in Dinder, England. IMMIGRANT
child ii. Elizabeth JONES(918) was born about 1601 in England. IMMIGRANT - Married Anthony Thatcher in England Feb 1635. She and her husband were in New England in 1635; they settled in Marblehead in Massachusetts Bay Colony. (Bonnie Hubbard)
child921 iii. Dorothy JONES.

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