920. Richard SEARS (737) (photo) was born in 1590 in Holland. He died in 1676 in Sursuit (East Dennis), Barnstable Co., MA. He was buried on 26 Aug 1676. IMMIGRANT. "Family tradition (Freeman, p. 137; Savage) says he came to Plymouth in 1630, with the last of the Scrooby congregation of Leyden. His father had died in 1629 and it was only after that event that he felt he could come to the New World. Austin and Freeman say he was born in 1590, with Freeman believing the place was Holland. He was definitely of English descent and records show he was taxed in Plymouth in 1633. ... Freeman says Richard was the son of John Bouchier Sears and Marie Van Egmond of Amsterdam. The genealogy given in Freeman has been disproved ..."
"He is first mentioned on the Plymouth Colony tax list of 25 Mar 1633, later moving to Marblehead in Massachusetts Bay Colony, where the Thachers had settled. After his marriage to Dorothy Jones and the birth of their first child Paul, they moved to Yarmouth, along with the Thachers and others." "Richard served on a Grand Jury in 1652, was a Deputy to the General Court in 1662, and appointed to other duties in Yarmouth. He died at Sursuit in 1676, leaving a comfortable estate. The inventory mentions, in addition to the usual goods, books, beer barrel, bees, and stillyards (a kind of balance on which things are weighed). In his will, the family name is spelled Sares. His wife Dorothy was named executrix, 'And I do entreat my brother Thatcher with his two sons, as friends in trust, to see this my last will performed.'" (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Dorothy JONES in 1632.

921. Dorothy JONES(738) was born about 1603 in England. She died in 1678/79 in MA. She was buried on 19 Mar 1678/79 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. IMMIGRANT. - Some family records have Dorothy's last name as Thatcher, however, Bonnie Hubbard in 1990 writes, "It was long thought that Dorothy was the sister of Anthony Thacher since Richard had called him "my brother Thacher" in his will. Actually she was his sister-in-law, her sister Elizabeth Jones having married Anthony in England Feb 1635. ... The Yarmouth town records state: 'Goody Sares was buried Mar. 19, 1678-9.' The missing link, tying the Joneses to the Thacher and Sears familes, is found in the wills of Alice Jones, widow of Richard, and their son, Samuel Jones, mentioning six Yarmouth cousins. There were three Thachers and three Searses. This information is from 'Jones--Thacher--Sears,' by Myrtle Stevens Hyde, The American Genealogist, Vol 58, No. 4, pp 244-46, Oct. 1982."

Children were:

child460 i. Paul SEARS.

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