7248. Thomas HATCH (81) was born about 1525. "... Thomas, born about 1525, was churchwarden at Tenterden (also in Kent) in 1565. Churchwardens were at the top of village organization and usually came from one of the more important families in the area. The duties of this lay office would have included the protection and care of the parish property, and also of the poor of the parish. An entire chapter is devoted to churchwardens in Wallace Notestein's 'The English People on the Eve of Colonization.' Thomas had married Joane _____ about 1552 and they had seven children. He died intestate before 13 Oct 1568, at which time administration on his estate was granted to his widow. Joane made an accounting when she married again in which she named the children. The three sons were also named in the will of their uncle Stephen who had died without issue. One of the boys also died without children of his own and he named in his will his brothers, sisters, their children and many of their grandchildren. Documents like these help define the family tree!" (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Joane ?.

7249. Joane ? (81). Children were:

child3624 i. William HATCH.

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