3624. William HATCH (81) was baptised on 9 Dec 1563 in Tenterden, Kent, England. He died betw 1611 and 1627/28. He "... was living in 1611 when his brother Thomas (another Tenterden churchwarden) made his will. The marriage licence of his daughter Mary indicates that he had died before 13 Feb 1627-8. The marriage licence of daughter Anne shows that his widow Anne was still living at Tenterden in 1629-30. The picture developed here is of a family of freeholders, not gentry, who were able to hang on to their land holdings and even increase them. Several relatives were identified as millwrights and there may have been other commercial ventures as well. This was the period when the 'merchant class' was growing. These people were in general less conservative and more practical than the countryside population as a whole and a great many of them had puritan sympathies." (Bonnie Hubbard) He was married to Anne ? about 1593.

3625. Anne ?(81). Children were:

child i. Thomas HATCH(1077) was born about 1596 in Kent, England. IMMIGRANT - "In 1627 and 1628 Thomas was presented at court a number of times for teaching school without a license. Eventually he got one. Some years later he came to New England, possibly with William when he made his second trip." (Bonnie Hubbard)

child1812 ii. Elder William HATCH.

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