1886. John HARNDEL (943) died on 6 Feb 1687. IMMIGRANT - "John Harndel, was a juryman at Newport RI in 1673, according to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island which goes on to give the following item: '1678 June 12 A very great hurt having been done to a small child by fast riding; it was enacted by the Assembly that any person presuming to ride a horse at a gallop, &c., in any street between the house that lately John Harndel lived in, and the house where Thomas Clifton lives, shall for the offence pay 5s. fine.' This is certainly one of the first laws against speeding in New England! John Harndel's will, dated 9 Feb 1685 and proved 22 Apr 1698, says, 'To daughter Rebecca, wife of Hugh Mosher, of Portsmouth, a good ewe sheep.' Austin gives his date of death as 6 Feb 1687. It seems a long time between that and the probate." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Children were:

child943 i. Rebecca HARNDEL.

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